The Japanese Pokemon Card Store prohibits adults from purchasing them

In the wake of Pokemon The cards are completely sold out in Japan, and one trading card store in the country’s Akihabara district appears to have taken some drastic measures: banning adults from buying cards so kids can enjoy the hobby.

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Pokemon Cards have always been popular and widely in demand, but lately things seem to have really exploded. Online celebrity logan paul gladly spent Millions of dollars in card holdings (even if Some of them were fake). One person allegedly stole tons of stuff Just for resale at your local store. There are also occasional minuses Put hundreds of thousands of dollars on the rarest cardsalthough sometimes Online selling is a complete flop.

And with the new Clay Burst and Snow Hazard packs, which include rare special illustration cards scarlet and violet; Gym leaders Grusha and Iono, and strive to get them Pokemon The cards are becoming more and more difficult. The new packaging caused the recent drought of cards in Japan, such as The adults lined up outside Akihabara shops for new refills and resells them online for a handsome profit. Capitalism, baby. Now a retail store in Japan’s bustling shopping district appears to be limiting its sale Pokemon Cards for middle school students and younger to help prevent seniors from snatching them up during lunch breaks or graveyard shifts.

Japanese kids get their own Pokemon card section

Hareruya 2, the world’s largest Pokemon A specialty trading card store in Akihabara, tweeted on April 30 that it would have a dedicated section of Pokemon Youth cards. According to a translation of the tweet, this special allotment will run out once each pack is sold out at the end of the day, as each customer can only buy 10 packs per day. Adults, including guardians and parents, are prohibited from purchasing these cards and the store is said to check IDs to confirm age.

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In an interview with a Japanese news site He lives (which – that Kotaku Translated thanks to Japanese resident and freelance writer Diamond Feit), store manager Shu Watanabe explained the decision behind creating a kid-friendly selling department:

“Many stores are completely depleted of stock [of Pokémon cards] Once it goes on sale, and people who are active late at night or early in the morning always seem to be buying [the cards]Watanabe said He lives. “By allocating half of our inventory to customers in general, shops can continue to sell [the cards] For students and young children. He sells [goods] For children it pleases not only themselves, but also their parents. [We] I feel this method of sales enables us to satisfy the largest number of customers when items are in such limited supply.”

As a Canda University Ph.D. Presenter Jeffrey Hall suggested on Twitter, that Hareruya 2’s goal appears to be to prevent the Clay Burst and Snow Hazard packs from being resold, which It went for thousands of dollars When they fell on April 14th.

Kotaku I got to Hareruya 2 and The Pokemon Company to comment.

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It’s so funny that a hobby aimed primarily at children has become so dominated by adult capitalist brainworms that the store has to remind adults that children love to collect and play with them. Pokemon Cards too. Kids should be entitled to enjoy things, so I don’t know, calm down and let them? Or at least, give them a chance to score some of the same papers you’re competing for.

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