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Zoom in / Example of lighting and skin effects in Midjourney v5 AI Photo Creator.

On Wednesday, Medjourney announce Version 5 of a commercial AI image synthesis service, which can produce photorealistic images at a quality level some AI art lovers are calling for Suspicious And “So perfect. Midjourney v5 is now available as an alpha test for customers who subscribe to the Midjourney service, which is available through Discord.

said Julie Weiland, graphic designer He often participates Her Midjourney creations on Twitter. “Suddenly you see everything in 4K, it feels strangely overwhelming but also amazing.”

Wieland shared some of its generations of Midjourney v5 with Ars Technica (shown below in the gallery and in the main image above), and it certainly shows progress in image detail since Midjourney first arrived in March 2022. Version 3 debuted in August, and version 4 appeared For the first time in November. Each iteration added more detail to the results generated, as our experiments show:

Comparison of output from Midjourney v3 (left), v4 (center), and v5 (right) on the router
Zoom in / Comparison of output from Midjourney v3 (left), v4 (center) and v5 (right) with the claim “A muscular barbarian with arms next to a CRT TV, cinematic, 8K, studio lighting.”

Ars Technica

Midjourney works similarly to image makers such as Stable Diffusion and DALL-E in that it generates images based on text descriptions called “prompts” using an artificial intelligence model trained on millions of man-made artworks. Recently, Midjourney has been at the center of a copyright controversy regarding a comic book that uses earlier versions of the service.

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After trying v5 for one day, Weiland noticed improvements that included “incredibly realistic” skin textures and facial features. more realistic or cinematic lighting; better reflections, glare, and shadows; more expressive angles or overviews of a scene, and “eyes that are almost perfect and not wonky anymore.”

And of course the hands.

Over the past year, the idea that AI creators can’t properly render hands has become a thing Cultural metaphor. Notably, Midjourney v5 can reproduce realistic human hands fairly well. “The hands are correct most of the time, with 5 fingers instead of 7-10 on one hand,” Weyland said.

In the service’s Discord release notes, Midjourney also noted that version 5 now responds with “a much broader stylistic range” than version 4, while also being more prompt sensitive, generating less spam text, and offering a 2x increase in image resolution.

If there’s a visible downside to Midjourney’s upgrading of art lovers with AI, it might come from the images being so realistic and “perfect” that model precision takes away some of the thrill of repeatedly creating AI images to find a suitable result, what one might call ” The slot machine effect. Although one Twitter user named Philip Linsen male“If you have a particular photo theme in mind, it’s still a bit like a lottery. But with higher winning chances than v4.”

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