The ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ actor from Preston dies at the age of 92

Del Critchlow, the man who played Lyle in the song Napoleon Dynamite, died Friday at the age of 92. (

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Idaho Falls – The man who played Lyle in the smash hit “Napoleon Dynamite” died Friday at the age of 92.

Del Critchlow died peacefully at MorningStar Senior Living in Idaho Falls, according to family members. Critchlow became a small-town celebrity after playing a farmer in the 2004 film Preston. Two years later, he appeared in the movie “Church Ball”.

when interviewed Critchlow In November 2020, he shared how he ended up in the movie Napoleon Dynamite. Two of his sheep ended up in a pack of ewes, and not wanting to have any lambs for Christmas, Critchlow reached out to a neighbour.

“My wife called Jared Hess’ mother and asked if one of her children was there,” Critchlow said. “He came, and he had a friend with him. I drove the truck to the pasture, and the sheep came. They took those dollars and pushed them into the truck… and we got them out of there.”

Hess later called Critchlow and asked if he might be in a movie he was making. Critchlow agreed and agreed that he was Lyle Farmer. The film is said to have had a budget of $400,000 and ended up grossing $46 million at the box office. According to IMDb.

The farmer’s popularity grew into a celebrity with strangers asking for his autograph, and later selfies, when Critchlow was abroad.

“I went to a wedding in Salt Lake, and my oldest son and I were waiting for the reception to start. This guy came over and said, ‘Hey, I saw you on a show!'” Critchlow recalls: He took some pictures.

Critchlow and his wife, Glenna Critchlow, have four children. she Passed away in 2008.

During our conversation in 2020, Critchlow Said his favorite holiday memory It was the first birthday the two spent together. She gave him a ‘nice red shirt and tie’, and he surprised her with a cedar box from a ‘really expensive furniture store’.

When asked about the lessons he had learned during his life, Critchlow thought for a moment and replied, “It pays to be a little bold but not too bold. When you help people, help them come back if you can.”

Funeral details are under planning and have not been announced.

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