The password game is very difficult, and its creator is still trying to beat it

Password game It will take you on a journey across the internet trying to create a password that meets very specific requirements. What day is today Wardle Answer? The current phase of the moon? A specific chess move? What do they have in common? You must include the answers in your new password. (And the moon phase must be in the form of an emoji.) Google is your friend in trying to meet Neil AgarwalIncreasingly absurd password requirements rules.

Agarwal has been released Password game on their website on Tuesday, where it’s available to play via your browser. Here’s how it works: You start the game on a mostly blank page with an input box: Please choose a password. The only condition is that it must be five characters long. The following few requirements are recognizable – they include a number, an uppercase letter, and a special character. Then the instructions pile up, becoming increasingly strange and sometimes very difficult. Password game It broke me, for example, when I had to come up with the best chess move on a given board.

It took two months, Agarwal told Polygon Password game, which began development in late April. “The idea itself had been on my wish list for years, and as password rules on the Internet got weirder, I felt like now was a good time to finally make it happen,” he said in an email.

Agarwal’s initial tweet on Tuesday garnered more than 11,000 retweets as players brag about comments about their accomplishments or lament their shortcomings. (I can say this because I’m also a bad fit, guys – I only got on base 16.) Some of the rules were Suggestions from TwitterAlso: Agarwal asked users for help last month. It’s where the Geoguessr rule came from, for example.

Password game It got so hard that even Agarwal didn’t get over his diabolical rules — he only played it up to rule 28. “I like people to find ways around it. I tried a few times before I gave up.” “I wasn’t really sure if that was even possible when I released it. But if you give the internet a challenge, they will find a way.”

It’s the kind of great game that’s simple on the surface, with plenty of secrets stuffed under its layers. Part of the surprise also lies in how funny and stupid it is – it’s a comedy that takes place right in the user interface. Who knows? Good, Password game Agarwal said it has had more than 1 million hits since it was released on Tuesday, so many people know it now. The game’s appeal also calls for likes Wardle: It is a kind of thing that is created to share with friends.

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