The photo depicts the devastation unleashed by the Russians in the ghost town of Marinka, Donbass

A town in the Donetsk region has been razed to the ground during a “special military operation” that Russian President Vladimir Putin says is waging in Ukraine to eliminate “Nazi” people.

Militants of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s RepublicPhoto: Mihail Andronik / Sputnik / Profimedia

Apocalyptic images of the city of Marinka were released after the Russians destroyed everything built on the site: streets, green spaces, residential blocks and other buildings.

The town of Marinka was once a quiet community of 10,000 residents and tree-lined streets west of Donetsk.

Now we must refer to it in the past tense, because the Russian military has wiped it off the face of the earth, writes journalist Christopher Miller, Financial Times correspondent in Ukraine.

Maringa in 2021, before the Russians “liberate” the city, the Kremlin leader says they will do the places they are fighting to capture in the Donbass.

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