The Pixel Tablet Standalone Charging Dock costs $129

We still don’t know how much the Pixel Tablet will cost, but the Standalone Charging Dock appears to be $129 and will be available in colors other than chalk.

Our colleagues in 9to5Toys Today I spotted an Amazon listing for the “Pixel Tablet Standalone Charging Dock – Hazel.” There’s an accompanying image and description: “The unique Pixel Tablet Charging Speaker Dock keeps your tablet charged and ready 24/7; docking and undocking is easy.” Google took care ofAdjust dock magnets. “

Note the mismatch of “Standalone” between the menu name and “Speaker” in the description, as “Charging Speaker Dock” refers to the way Google referred to the accessory last fall. Under Technical Details, the Series is “Korlan,” which is the codename we were tracking, and GMD6J is the model number of the item. Dimensions listed are 6.65 x 3.71 x 2.77 inches.

Amazon says the Pixel Tablet Standalone will ship on May 10, or the same day as Google I/O 2023. [Update: Pricing and the release date have been removed.] It will be earlier than we expect, while the dark green color is in line with our report on Monday that the Pixel tablet itself will be available in four colors. On the sidewalk, Hazel is applied to both the rolled canvas and the top surface.

At $129, this accessory seems pricey, though it gives users the option to install the Pixel Tablet in multiple places in their home. It’s more expensive than the Nest Hub at $99, and it remains to be seen if the dock can be used as a standalone speaker/goal. At this price, which is also more than the Nest Audio, we hope it is.

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