The Russians flee the Energodar with all the medical equipment from the hospitals. Russian passport holders panicked

Sunday, 07 May 2023, 23:36

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The first wave of evacuations began on the morning of May 6. Photo Twitter

Putin’s army began simultaneously evacuating several settlements in the Zaporizhia and Kherson regions. Energodar became one of the cities where residents were offered to move to “safe” territories.

Mayor Dmitry Orlov writes on his Telegram channel that by announcing the evacuation of people, the invaders caused panic in the city. A particularly high level of anxiety appeared among people who received Russian passports.

The first wave of evacuation began on the morning of May 6, but it cannot be called “mass” yet. Some who wanted to go were put on buses. Some local residents left in their own vehicles.

“As a result, gas stations ran out of fuel yesterday. ATMs either didn’t work or worked with great restrictions, and there was practically nowhere to withdraw money. The internet was partially cut off. And the prices of food and medicine rose significantly.” Orlov commented.

Passport offices and many departments called the Russian Control Administration no longer function. The invaders were able to remove documents and equipment.

The previous night and morning the medical equipment was taken out of the hospital and loaded into cars. Some wards of the hospital are non-functional.

Patients were given a choice: either evacuate and seek medical help, or stay in the city without the possibility of treatment.

And “authorities” in Russian-occupied Crimea have stockpiled food and water in case the peninsula is isolated.

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