The ultra-thin M4 iPad Pro features a new internal structure for improved rigidity and heat dissipation

the New iPad Pro It’s Apple’s thinnest product ever, with the 13-inch model measuring just 5.1mm thick (excluding the camera bump).

The last time the iPad Pro was redesigned, with the 2018 model, there was significant controversy as people noted that it was relatively easy to bend their iPads, with some arriving bent out of the box. For this ultra-thin redesign, the issue of sturdiness and durability inevitably matters again. But in Interview with Arun MainiApple’s senior vice president, John Ternos, addressed these concerns, noting that the new iPad has a redesigned internal architecture aimed at improving the device’s ruggedness.

The 2024 11-inch iPad Pro is 5.3mm thick, while the 13-inch model is just 5.1mm thick, making it Apple’s thinnest product ever. Apple’s senior vice president, Greg Jozwiak, told Maini that the new ultra-thin design comes without any compromises, thanks to Apple Silicon and the intelligence of Apple’s hardware engineering.

Ternus revealed that the new 11-inch and 13-inch iPad Pros have a new internal chassis design, with a new metal cover sitting above the logic board (Ternus describes it as a “hood”) and extending down the middle of the device. Formation of the central rib.

According to Ternos, this change “significantly improves the rigidity of the product.” It also contributes to better heat dissipation.

During the keynote, Apple said the iPad Pro has a 20% improved thermal performance thanks to the addition of graphite sheets in the main chassis and the use of copper in the Apple logo.

We should be able to see these hardware changes for ourselves soon, once companies like iFixit and others get their hands on the device to tear it down and reveal the new internals. The new iPad Pro is on sale now, with first deliveries expected on May 15.

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