The White House stopped talking about escalating the war. A victory for the Ukrainians that angered Moscow

The White House stopped talking about a possible escalation of Russia’s war against Ukraine after the Ukrainian military shot down six Russian air-ballistic missiles with the help of the US Patriot Air Defense System, Defense Express expert Ivan Kryshevsky says.

“After these six Kinjal (Dagger) hypersonic missiles were fired over Kiev, rhetoric about escalation or red lines from the White House disappeared,” the expert noted.

He also suggested the conclusion to us The delivery of F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine is linked to the success of the Ukrainian Air Force. Also, this was facilitated by the fact that the Russian Federation did not have any Wunderwaffe – revolutionary weapons.

“This moment is worth recording, the White House said as early as May that we do not want expansion,” Krzyzewski insists.

Victory of the Patriot Missiles Ukraine It also shocked the Pentagon

Ukraine’s success with US-made Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems in the war with Russia According to a Ukrainian military analyst, this shocked the Pentagon.

In an interview with Ukraine’s NV publication, an expert from the Defense Express consulting firm, Ivan Kryshevsky, analyzed Kiev’s use of an advanced missile system.

Ukraine’s air force was only managed after a quick exercise of the Patriot battery — a capability Kiev acquired in April that the U.S. didn’t think was possible, explained military expert Ivan Krizhevsky.

“Imagine, they were able to simultaneously launch so many anti-aircraft missiles in such a short period of time – at least one hit Kinjal for sure,” asserted US official Krzyzewski, quoted by CNN.

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On the other hand, even the Ukrainians do not expect what these systems can do, they estimate with a very enthusiastic assessment that they can at least counter Iskander ballistic missiles and H-22 missiles, he notes.

Kiev was able to repulse a massive missile attack that would have caused “unimaginable horrors” had it not been countered. In addition to the Kinjal, the risk was much greater as the Russians launched more than 10 Iskander missiles and missiles launched by S-400 systems — missiles that were previously thought to be invulnerable. From this perspective, Ukraine’s demonstrated capability is a Russian failure.

“There may be further stinging attacks on Kiev. If these attacks continue to be repelled, it can already be said that Kiev will be the most protected city in our country, perhaps not only in Ukraine, but even on the planet, because the patriotic organization knocked out such a difficult target. As Kinjal. Why are Western experts now declaring: “We know that the Kinzhal is not a hypersonic missile!”. As far as I understand, even the developers of the Patriot system or the American THAAD anti-missile system, which were supposed to be the only ones capable of shooting down such targets, will think long and hard about this. “Perhaps they will take some constructive decisions,” praised the expert.

He also noted that the Ukrainians’ success demonstrated capabilities neither the US nor the Ukrainians expected.

“Neither the US instructors nor the Israelis… have any idea what high-tech weapons they are developing, because the S-400 anti-aircraft missile can reach a speed of 5,000 kilometers per hour. Unfortunately, no one yet knows how to shoot down such missiles, not even our Air Force.

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Kiev says it needs more air defense systems

Following the strikes against Ukraine on May 21-22, Ukraine’s air defense lacked sufficient means to protect its airspace against large-scale ballistic missile attacks, Air Force spokesman Yuriy Ignat said.

“To improve the situation, we need air defense systems like Patriot or SAMP/T,” Ignat added. While Ukraine’s defenses have proven effective against kamikaze drones, advanced systems such as the Patriot are needed to intercept ballistic missiles, he said.

Ukraine received two Patriot air defense systems in late April. According to Ignat, two batteries are not enough to cover the entire country.

Saudi Arabia has 200 Patriot missiles and is still shooting down the oldest missiles from Yemeni rebels.

Saudi Arabia has 200 Patriot launchers and the US military only has 400, for the entire US territory.. that’s a lot, especially for Saudi Arabia. Of course, in addition to the 200 Patriot launchers, Avenger and American trainers regularly help cover the appropriate infrastructure. Not to mention that Saudi Arabia has its own AWACS aircraft.

Yet every two or three months the Yemeni Houthi rebels bombard Saudi Arabia using Iranian Shahed 136 drones, which the Russians also use in Ukraine, rather primitive ballistic missiles and replicas of much older Kh-55 missiles.

The Ukrainians, who took a crash course in using the Batrud system, have shot down six hypersonic Kinjal missiles, while Saudi Arabia, with air defenses trained by American instructors, has at times failed to shoot down Houthi rebels’ drones and missiles.

Due to this, the reputation of patriotic organizations was declining worldwide. By February 2022, the Russians were trying to sell potential Middle Eastern buyers of their S-400 and S-500 systems.

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They tried to sell the Abaqan complex to Saudi Arabia instead of the Patriot, telling them it could shoot down ballistic targets. But most likely, it was a modification of the S-300V4 on a wheeled chassis, where there were only two instead of four launchers. The Ukrainian expert says that Allah saved Saudi Arabia from such a stupid thing as buying these air defense systems from the Russians.

America They deliberated for a long time and debated whether to give the Kiev patriotism or not. It turns out that the Ukrainian Air Defense Forces, with intense training and damage, have literally squeezed a capability out of the Patriot system that the Pentagon didn’t think possible.

When the US military first used the Patriot system, a story circulated that to fire a Scud missile, it had to fire 3 PAC-2 missiles that would shoot down aircraft 100 miles away. This drew criticism from experts who said “firing three missiles to fire one missile is too expensive and uneconomic”. This review was helpful. Later, PAC-3 missiles were developed to counter ballistic targets. The unexpected success of the Ukrainian Air Defense Forces is now widely praised in the United States.

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