There is a new worst game of 2023, which is a Switch exclusive

Remember this awful look The last of us cloning last hope, that was released earlier this month? Well, it turns out that the game is a lot worse than the trailer first suggested. Apparently, the entire game only takes about 20 minutes, takes place on 1st, and is a broken mess.

Let’s go back to last week. That’s when Terrible looking Nintendo Switch The last of us Cloning spread on the Internet. The trailer for the game looked like a stark copy of the award-winning Naughty Dog franchise, complete with his Ellie-like sidekick. He was even called The last hope. Yes, the people who made it weren’t very careful about where they get their “inspiration”. Most would agree, it sounded bad, but thanks now Digital FoundryObviously, this is much worse than we thought. In fact, it might be the worst game of 2023.

New upload on ThursdayVideo game technology analysts Digital Foundry torn The last hope Far from a video that’s almost as long as the actual game.

Digital Foundry / West Connection Ltd. / VG Games

Where do you start? For the uninitiated – this may be the most shocking – the entire game appears to take place mainly on a single U-shaped street in a public city. Thanks to the game’s reliance on Unity store props, it’s a somewhat confusing place to be. American flags can be seen next to European power outlets. The other assets also don’t seem to work together, with some being very detailed compared to the other low-res stuff strewn around.

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play The last hope It is a bad and frustrating experience

When you actually start playing The last hopeYou will also notice that the frame rate is horrendous, often dropping well below 30. This makes it difficult to play, as the game performance goes up and down constantly. What also makes it difficult to play is that the game has only been hard tested. As indicated in Digital Foundry video, it gives the player very limited resources.

For example, the stamina meter does not recharge over time, which limits the number of times you can swing a baseball bat. And there are only three MREs, which partially replenish your stamina, in the entire game. Bullets are also rare, which means if you miss too many shots, you may end up in a no-win situation.

In one aspect, players have to use a padlock to unlock a police car, and while doing so can get killed by zombies. The problem is, the game doesn’t tell you this is happening. So you lock and quit and exit to a screen that simply says “It’s dead”. This means that you will need to clear the zombie area before Start the lockpicking mini-game. But based on Digital FoundryIn math, you can only kill about 65 zombies with the resources provided in the game. So don’t miss a single chance, don’t rush (because that wastes stamina), and also hope the game doesn’t randomly crash during all of this, erasing your progress in the process.

Keep in mind it’s only about 15 minutes long, assuming you manage your limited resources properly and don’t get stuck trying to open a door that can only be opened with the “E” key. (Note: The adapter does not have an E key.)

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The Switch digital store is full of this crap

The last hope is a comically bad video game from developers with a track record of awful Switch scoops, like World War: Field Army Call of Battlefield Heroes.

And it’s easy to laugh at him, which I did and still do. But alas, that’s not unusual in the Switch’s eShop, which in recent years has become littered with trash scraps that some would say border on scam territory. Not that I’m calling him The last hope—A game that can be completed in 15 minutes and seems to rip right through The last of us Using unit assets together poorly grouped – SCAM. Just, you know, some people may be to say so.

I think some people just assume these shovel games are bad and don’t think much of it. But I think Nintendo should try to put some quality control back into their store.

For example, a lot of indie developers work so hard on games that they end up getting lost in an overwhelming sea of ​​content. Pruning some of the worst, most broken scoops out of the store could help these developers get more success. The Switch also has a lot of younger gamers that they or their parents might not know better and waste some money on something awful, broken, and terrible. something like The last hope.

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