Thieves broke through the wall to rob an Apple Store in the Seattle area

Thieves in a Seattle suburb reportedly pulled off a brazen robbery last Sunday, tunneling through the bathroom wall of a coffee hardware store before sneaking into the nearby Apple Store and stealing $500,000 worth of merchandise.

The theft included 436 iPhones, according to the Lynnwood Police Department announce Wed that no one was arrested. A spokesperson for the department told SFGATE that there were no updates as of Friday afternoon.

The police are still investigating and have refused to hand over the surveillance tape to the local authorities outlets. The robbery took place in the Apple Store, an elegant, open space with a wood-panelled ceiling and a large glass front.

Apparently the point of entry was Seattle Coffee Gear next door. Tell the store’s regional manager, Eric Marks Cuomo News that its front door had been opened, and then the burglars apparently broke through the common wall of the stores, creating a “24” x 18″ [inch] Hole in the Wall” in the back room of an Apple retail store.

“I’m amazed we were the vehicle for them to get to the Apple Store,” Marks said. “I had no clue that we were so close or close to them.”

The hole, cut through layers of wall in a rectangle large enough for an adult to crawl through, is between the toilet and sink in Marks’ store bathroom. KOMO reports that the coffee hardware store has now replaced its locks. Local police told the outlet that no fingerprints were left.

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Apple, based in Cupertino, California, did not respond to a request for comment.

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