To save his family from suffering, a Romanian man from Italy locked himself in his car and set it on fire. He is addicted to gambling

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Romanian man from Italy commits shocking suicide after gambling addiction Photo: Getty Images

In desperation and to save his family from the burden he had become, a Romanian man from Italy committed suicide after becoming addicted to gambling. Last weekend, a 43-year-old man locked himself in his car and set himself on fire.

Gheorghe P. is a construction worker in Agliano Terme, Asti province. He had been addicted to gambling for years, and his addiction often put his family — his wife and two teenage children — in unpleasant situations. He had countless problems at home, but he couldn’t stop. This month, George bet his entire salary. Out of desperation, he reports, he decided to end his days Republic of La.

On Friday, the man left the house, after which he reportedly called his wife and told her that he wanted to commit suicide, according to the source cited. The shocked woman called the police, but it was already too late.

After talking to his wife on the phone, the man poured petrol in his car, locked it and set it on fire. Passers-by saw the fire and informed the fire department. Although he quickly intervened, the man could no longer be saved.

Later, during the trial, the man’s wife confirmed that he had been struggling with gambling addiction for years and had consumed a lot of it for some time.

Citing official sources, La Repubblica says that in Piedmont, of which Romanians are a part, and the region where Romanians are imprisoned, more than 50,000 people suffer from gambling addiction, and the phenomenon is increasing.

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