Tour de France, Stage 16 live: Vingegaard Pogacar time trial battle for yellow


He does just that. 35:42 for him, 25 seconds over Pedersen, 1:37 in Arndt.

The French TT champion is set to take the lead.

Cavagna is in the last kilometer now.

The Dane is now the fastest in the finish. His time is 36:07 is 1:! 2 over Arndt.

Cavagna up the climb, 24 seconds over Pedersen!

Cavagna leads the standings – 19:56 with 13 seconds on Pedersen as the climb begins. At the top, Pedersen was fastest with a time of 28:08, 1:08 over Dries Devenyns.

Rain splatters on the TV camera lens as we follow Cavagna for the last 10km.

However, the likes of Cavagna, Pedersen and Wright are faster than him at the first checkpoint.

The German is up to 18 seconds in Devenyns and takes over the hot seat. 37:19 Finally.

Nikias Arndt is nearing the finish line and he should be the fastest man yet!

Mads Pedersen quickened at the first check with 10:46 but Cavagna quickly went faster, by four seconds.

Go green Philipsen shirt. Another day he can’t get through.

Bjerg came to the finish line fifth-fastest with a time of 39:12, 1:35 below Devenyns. He has accelerated since getting on the road bike after a slow start.

Update from Matteo Jorgenson after being abandoned.

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Lambert, Cavagna, Wright, Phillipsen, Clark, Cosnefroy are among the major names just getting started.

That’s what Degenkolb said about the crash at the start. He said he didn’t know what happened to cause it…

“I didn’t start out crazy or excited. I think that’s the first time I’ve ever crashed a TT. It’s the last thing you want on a day like this. I’m lucky I didn’t break anything but I did get a few road rashes. It was really unfortunate.

“I think I was on the white markings on the tarmac, but it’s not usually a problem. I couldn’t get it right – my front wheel was slipping and I left immediately.”

Devenyns is faster at the top now, just two seconds behind Moscon, who made up 43 seconds for the Belgian in that final run.

Change bike for Berg at the bottom of the climb. Pogačar process test later?

It wasn’t exactly on full gas so it’s hard to say how useful it is.

Dries Devenyns, who recently announced that he will retire at the end of the season, is the fastest at the top of the climb so far. His time of 29:16 is 45 seconds above Moscone.

Mezgec, Kragh Andersen, and Girmay are among those who have recently started.

Trentine, Pedersen, Lambert are coming.

Bjerg 12:31 At the first checkpoint. It’s clearly going to make it easier for Pogačar to help in the coming days as he’s 1:31 down Zingle there.

Zingle is faster in the final check at 30:13 but now Gianni Moscone is closing in faster, just a second shy of 30 minutes.

As the first runner home, he set the fastest time at 39:46, but that wouldn’t last long. Not that he will mind.

Mørkøv is now nearing the finish line. 500 meters to go.

Bike change for Søren Wærenskjold. The Norwegian TT champion is starting to climb.

Mørkøv has now passed the top of the climb in 31 minutes. 3.5 kilometers to go to it.

Big names including Kristoff, Sagan and Declercq are among the new starters.

Eurosport Moto’s Adam Blyth says rain is expected after 3pm local time – about an hour and a half.

Zingle is now the fastest at the second barrier – 21:21.

Michael Bjerg walks away. It’s a pretty good demo list, so it should easily be the fastest of these for beginners.

Just over 5km to go the Dane handles the climb.

Now through the second barrier – 22:08.

Again, the rear wheel slides forward as he turns it and slides out.

Nils Ekhov takes off…and goes down the first corner too!

Zingle is 52 seconds above everyone else at the first checkpoint for the time being.

Adrien Petit was involved in the wars in this Tour de France, battling back after falling hard in the mass crash on Stage 14. He managed to avoid further disaster at the first corner.

Reynard’s teammate Axel Zengel was now quickest in the first check, setting a time of 11 minutes.

It’s another fall that doesn’t seem very serious in terms of injury.

12:03 for Mørkøv at the first checkpoint.

7.1 km is the first checkpoint. Further checks come at 16.1km and 18.9km before finishing at 22.4km.

Degenkolb crashes heading into the first corner! The rear wheel slips, but he quickly gets back up and running.

One after another three dsm-firmenich men set out – Edmondson, Welsford, Degenkolb.

Riders like Yevgeny Fedorov, Sam Wellsford, Jordi Meus, Dylan Groenewegen and Adrian Petty leave early.

Screw almost from the start today. Nobody at the bottom of the standings goes early…

Actually, Michael Murkoff is the one who goes first – sorry for that mistake earlier. Dane starts now and then sis paul.

Here’s a look at today’s finale, why everyone is debating the merits of the bike changes.

It’s not a hard decision—not a big mountain to finish the day with, but it’s tough enough to pop the question.

(Image credit: ASO)

Knights of Ineos and Bahrain will not switch. No confirmation from the UAE or Jumbo of course.

Ex-pro Adam Blyth says on Eurosport that changing bikes would be “pointless” today because the aerodynamic advantage would outweigh the weight saved by changing to a climbing bike, plus the time lost in switching.

Tour de France: Vingegaard and Pogacar’s two-day battle on Mont Blanc

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Only a few minutes to go!

Here’s Rod Illingworth Vice President of Ineos Grenadiers on today’s podium and their podium contender Carlos Rodriguez.

“We don’t make changes to the bike but the cadence of that is going to be really crucial and the heat too – that’s one of the biggest factors, honestly. The final climb is about 6km, right with the first 2.5km at 10%. If they get it wrong you can make a big difference in the few kilometres. past.

“We’re more focused on Carlos than anyone else at the moment. He’s so relaxed that sometimes he’s a little laid back. He’s mature enough to say he’s not focused on the podium as such, just on doing his job and doing the best he can.

“He knows the time trial is always a challenge for him, but he did some good things as we saw in the heat at the Vuelta last year. He’s as prepared as he can be and from what I could see last night, he’s absolutely ready for it.”

Tour de France: Carlos Rodriguez (Ineos Grenadiers) on stage 15

(Image credit: Zac Williams/

Looking back two stages to the mass meltdown in the peloton that saw Fan defeat Sepp Kuss and cause a huge pileup in the peloton, Jumbo-Visma may take action…

Jumbo-Visma is ready to sue the fans who caused the Tour de France to crash – Reuters reports that French police have identified the fan who caused the accident during stage 15

Tadej Pogačar reportedly made the swap while on his scouting tour yesterday. Today he checked his road bike before climbing aboard his TT…

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One of the big questions today is whether the riders will switch to a road bike for the stage finish, which includes a Category 2 climb on the Côte de Domancée (2.5km up 9.4%) and a 3.5km uphill course to the finish. Line.

156 riders are scheduled to start today.

Matteo Jorgenson will not be among them. Movistar confirmed that he was out of the race with a torn quadriceps muscle.

Mathieu Jorgenson abandons the Tour de France before stage 16

35 minutes to go until Cece Paul started the stage.

16:58 and 17:00 start times for the big two, so some time to go until we see them roll down the starting ramp.

Tour de France stage starts with 16 time trial starts

Only 10 seconds between Vingegaard and Pogačar heading into the day. What will be the gap this evening?

And there is a lot to fight for below them in the standings, including third place on the podium…

Tour de France 2023 Stage 15 GC FirstCycling

(Image credit: FirstCycling)

Check out our preview of Stage 16 here…

Tour de France 2023 Stage 16 Preview – The Race of Truth

The hills time trial offers a tiebreaker in the Tour de France for Vingaard and Boujard ahead of the Col de la Luz

Jonas Vingaard will defend his yellow jersey on stage 16 of the 2023 Tour de France

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and the stage map, convoluted from Passy to Combloux. It is only 22.4 km long but it packs a lot of power.

Map of stage 16 of the 2023 Tour de France

(Image credit: GEOATLAS)

Here’s a look at the official profile. It’s tough.

A glimpse of stage 16 of the 2023 Tour de France

(Image credit: ASO)

About 40 minutes remain until the decisive trial begins.

Hello, and welcome to our live coverage of Stage 16 of the 2023 Tour de France!

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