Trees fall near patrons during the second round of the Masters in Augusta

Three trees fell near the 17th hole during the second round of the Masters Tournament at Augusta National on Friday scattering customers, with play ultimately suspended for the day due to weather.

Championship officials confirmed that no one was injured and that trees were blown down by the strong winds.

Shortly before the second weather delay, the live broadcast showed large pine trees collapsing in an area near where the herders gathered.

“I was sitting, looking, waiting for the next group to come up to the tee and I fell down probably 8 to 10 chairs to our left,” sponsor Megan Hill, of New York, told the Augusta Chronicle. “I stood and screamed and thought, ‘Are you going to fall on me?’ I fell to the left of us and it was so scary.

“If the wind was blowing in a slightly different direction, we might have been hit.”

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