Trump criticizes Biden’s absence from Charles III’s coronation / What is the Biden administration saying?

Former US President Donald Trump criticized the absence of his successor Joe Biden at the coronation of King Charles III on Saturday, saying in an interview with ultra-conservative British station GB News that he would have attended had he still been in power. .

Donald TrumpPhoto: Snapshot/Future Image/De Van Dyne / Shutterstock Editorial / Profimedia

“I don’t think he could physically do it,” Donald Trump, 76, said in an interview with the former Europhobic and anti-immigration Ukip, now a TV host.

Donald Trump, who is running against Joe Biden in 2024, said he was “very surprised” the current president did not attend the coronation, calling it “very disrespectful”.

Interviewed at a golf course he owns in Scotland, Donald Trump promised he would have attended had he still been in power.

Joe Biden, 80, will be represented at the coronation by his wife, Jill. U.S. and British officials recently said the U.S. president has never attended a British monarch’s coronation.

The White House insisted the absence of Joe Biden, proud of his Irish roots, was “not a sign of disrespect”. Joe Biden has already accepted the monarch’s invitation to make a state visit to Britain.

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