Twitter has a new CEO out of obscurity

Elon Musk announced plans for a new CEO position at Twitter but did not say who he was. in a tweet On Thursday, Musk said he had “appointed a new CEO for X/Twitter” and that she would be “starting in about 6 weeks.” Instead, Musk will assume the role of CEO and Chief Technology Officer, “oversight of products, software, and operating system” at Twitter.

according to Dylan Byers imp newsThe new CEO will be Linda Iaccarino, director of advertising at NBCUniversal, citing two unnamed sources.

the Wall Street Journal She then reported that she was “in talks” to take over as CEO of Twitter and a spokesperson for NBCU said that Yaccarino is currently in “running exercises” to give an upfront pitch to advertisers.

Twitter and NBCUniversal Recently announced The service expanded partnership to amplify NBCU’s coverage of the 2023 Olympic Games, with Yaccarino tweeting to Musk that Twitter should bring back Periscope. She also recently interviewed Musk in person, at the Possible 2023 marketing event in Miami.

Even though Musk may not become CEO soon, he still owns the company he’s renamed “X.” It seems unlikely that giving someone else a specific nickname would make Twitter anything less than a wild ride. Musk became “Chief Twit” last October, when he finalized the acquisition of the company, followed by the immediate firing of a large number of its executives and thousands of other employees.

Another question is how Musk’s divided attention has affected his other companies (Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink, The Boring Company — did we miss any?) and how it will affect them in the future. In December, Tesla investors They were calling out publicly to hand Musk control of Twitter as the car company’s share price fell to $101, a third of its peak price over the past year, at about $314. Now, Tesla has slashed car prices and faced lower profit margins in what some are calling an electric car price war, as it faces more competition than ever.

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As Musk has reconfigured Twitter’s politics, apparently to suit his own whims, speculation has mounted about how long his term will last — and how impactful it will be. Presence on his other companies. The Musk era also included changes that upset Twitter’s relationships with users, public safety officials, and more.

Musk’s acquisition of Twitter even affected the platform’s advertising business. Several major advertisers have paused spending on Twitter over concerns that Musk’s views on free speech could hurt their reputations, and the wave of fake verified accounts that appeared on the platform after the initial launch of Musk’s revamped Twitter Blue app didn’t help either. .

Musk eventually rolled out a higher-priced Twitter Blue subscription, eliminated the old “old” verified checkmarks for users with less than a million followers, and ushered in a UI change where users swipe between the algorithmically ranked, recommendation-based For You timeline and Follow one chronological order. He also put out encrypted DMs only for verified users.

Musk previewed the CEO change with a December poll asking followers if he should “step down as head of Twitter,” promising to heed the wishes of the public (and potential bots).

The vote emerged after Musk implemented widespread criticism of a policy change that appeared to ban sharing links with other social networking sites. Musk later clarified and then backtracked on the rule, promising that there will be a vote on major policy changes in the future — not the first time he’s promised on Twitter that decisions will be made by the committee. A few minutes later, he tweeted Poll about step downwhich received about 17.5 million responses, with 57.5 percent indicating that he should not be CEO of Twitter anymore.

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The poll isn’t the first indication that Musk will eventually find someone else to take over Twitter’s day-to-day operations. In November, while testifying in court about his pay as Tesla CEO, he said, “I expect to reduce my time at Twitter and find someone else running Twitter over time,” lining up with previous reports that his role as CEO had It was shown from the beginning temporarily.

7:55pm ET update: Added were reports that Linda Iaccarino is the next CEO of Twitter.

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