Tyson Fury vs. Derek Chisora ​​3 Highlights Full Fight Video

Watch Tyson Fury vs. Derek Chisora ​​3 full fight video highlights from their encounter on Saturday afternoon in London, courtesy of ESPN and other outlets.

Fury vs. Chisora ​​3 on December 3 at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England. Tyson Fury (33-0-1) and Derek Chisora ​​(33-13) battled it out in tonight’s WBC heavyweight title contest for the main event.

Catch the video highlights below.

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Rage vs. Chisora: First Round

They promised the first round to remember that they would stand and trade in the middle of the ring. lets see!

Some heat on the instructions of the referee. Speaking of heat, it’s cold in there. Chisora ​​comes out hard, slams the body, and attempts a right hand over the top. Chisora ​​targets the body, and Fury restrains him. Now some hugging. Well, they don’t stand up and punch the hell out of each other.

Anger with the right hand on the head. He held and pushed Kishora to the ropes. Irritated with some of the shots, including the top right. Anger using his height, long arms, and upper body weight. Another peak of anger. else. More shots from Fury. Fury moves at a distance, releasing his rights. Capital letters when approaching.

Fury 10-9

Rage vs. Chisora: Round Two

Fury’s corner has a large towel/blanket to wrap him in between rounds so he doesn’t catch a cold. Kishora’s Corner does not.

Fury counterslash when Chisora ​​goes to the far right. Fury hurts Chisora ​​when he lands, but Derek is a tough guy. Derek also struggles to do anything remarkable. Three shots of Fury when Chisora ​​gets close. Not big shots, but just hit him with both hands, then tie him up and use his weight to bully him. 1-2 from Fury. Fury’s three-punch combo ends with a right. Uppercut lands and Chisora ​​wound. Fury is sitting on the shots now. right hand. upper right. Shisora ​​is backed into the corner. More shots from Tyson. upper left. The referee is taking a closer look now. But Kishora will pass the round.

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Total mismatch.

Fury 10-9, 20-18

Rage vs. Chisora: Round Three

SugarHill Steward Fury turned into such a confident piercing. He is coming straight to Chisora. Kishora hurt in his right hand! Fury tries to shut down again. Chisora ​​is now trying to swing the momentum; You can’t dismiss how tough Derek Chisora’s man is. But he smokes here. Uppercut, headshot, rage takes over. He does whatever he wants. Left hook, uppercase. This is brutal. Chisora ​​can’t do anything about it. Chisora ​​is still trying to fight back, but when Fury throws up, it’s just a full one-way street. They just stumbled onto the canvas after a few furrows.

This definitely should not have been booked.

Fury 10-9, 30-27

Fury vs Chisora: Round Four

Chisora ​​is still trying, but when he tries it only gets worse. Hey! Good top from Del Boy! Anger back to appeal, and there is another step. Bless Derek, he knows he might be on a short leash and he’s walking and trying to land something. Anger hold. Chisora’s corner kick goes in for the referee to allow it. Fury’s right hand. Kishora tries to hit the body. Anger is back at the moment. Fury’s right hand. The best Chisora ​​tour.

Fury 10-9, 40-36

Rage vs. Chisora: Fifth Round

over/under 6.5. There is no reason to mention it. I’m just saying.

Fury halfway through the round starts throwing up again. People are so terrified to see Tyson Fury’s donkey. Right hands of anger. Another, step back and a short right. Switch positions rage now. Still kind of playing with that food. Chisora ​​gets off balance and breaks up. Tyson goes over and lifts his weight. Just stretch the legs.

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Fury 10-9, 50-45

Fury vs Chisora: Round Six

Anger with some aggression this round. It is the sixth round. More shots from Fury. Chisora ​​gains entry. Through five, CompuBox has Tyson landing 54 percent of his power shots. That’s a lot. Shisora ​​fell in the back of the head. Mostly missing. Anger is still better. He’s got his foot off the gas and you suspect he’ll slam on it when he wants to, because Chisora ​​won’t stop him from doing it.

Fury 10-9, 60-54

Rage vs. Chisora: Seventh Round

Anger goes through the motions at this point. So many people say he’s carrying Chisora ​​now and it’s hard to argue. We saw what he could do earlier when he wanted to throw. Kizora tries to body slam it away, which does some in the final round, but it has no real effect.

on hits.

Right hands of anger again. more miles. Late couple shots of anger.

Fury 10-9, 70-63

Rage vs. Chisora: Eighth Round

Big Fury right, with Chisora ​​hooked up. Bullying anger again now. 1-2 from Fury. Big letters. head shots. Chisora’s final stages have seen him purposely take himself into corners against most opponents, here he does it because he has to, and he doesn’t work any better here than he did before. Uppercut of anger. Decent shot late in the round from Chisora.

Fury 10-9, 80-72

Fury vs Chisora: Round Nine

Fury continues to do what he’s been doing for the past several rounds. He carries out the punishment, but does not collect enough to force the strike. Or at least something that the referee or pillar is expected to intervene in. More shots from Fury. More shots from Fury. We got to a point where there was no purpose for this to continue, but then there was absolutely no purpose for it to happen from a competitive or sporting point of view. Anger continues to take hold. He’s upped it a bit on this tour. The eyes on Kishora are not good, his face is damaged. Stop this fight. This is ugly and gets uncomfortable.

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Fury 10-9, 90-81

Rage vs. Chisora: Round 10

Victor Loughlin takes a look as Chisora ​​is slow to get off his chair, but we just keep going for no good reason. To be clear, Kizora comes out trying this round. But then Fury lets go of his hands and remains completely mismatched. Body shot from Fury, one from Chisora, one shot from Fury. More Fury. And Victor Loughlin finally says, “That’s enough,” when Fury lands a combo. Good.

TKO-10 Fury

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