Ukraine, “The corrupt and mafia state that fooled us all.” Boris Johnson’s former adviser is furious

A former member of the British government, Dominic Cummings, criticized the West’s support for Ukraine on Thursday, according to reports. Politics.

Dominic Cummings has long been critical of support for Ukraine. Photo EPA-EFE (Archive)

In an interview with the newspaper and, Cummings, a former adviser to Boris Johnson, said the West “He should never have been involved in this whole stupid situation” and argued that sanctions against Russia had a greater impact on European politics than on Moscow.

Additionally, Cummings added that Churchill was not the leader in Kiev.This is not a rerun of the events of 1940″.

This whole Ukrainian mafia and corrupt government has basically fooled us all and we’re all going to be *** as a result. We’re going to cheat now, aren’t we?“.

In a post on X, Cummings later labeled Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky a leader “Potemkin” – but refused to invite him “pumpkin”Originally quoted in Interview.

He argued that war would only strengthen relations between Russia and China, and that the West would “They pushed Russia into alliance with the world’s largest manufacturing power“.

Cummings has long been criticized for his support for Ukraine, which contrasts with his old boss Boris Johnson, a vocal supporter of Zelenskiy and Ukraine’s war effort.

He told the publication that the West had failed to deliver a message to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

What lesson did I teach him? The lesson we taught Putin is that we are a bunch of jokers,” Cummings asserted, war a “Broadcast to the world what a bunch of clowns we are”.

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