Ukraine threatens to destroy Putin’s bridge: “It’s ecologically harmful, so it must be destroyed. No matter what”

Ukraine on Wednesday threatened to destroy a bridge over the Kerch Strait, built at great expense by Moscow to connect Russia with the annexed Crimean peninsula. The threat comes after a series of explosions at several Russian military bases in Crimea in recent days, something the Ukrainian military is no stranger to.

“This bridge is an illegal construction and Ukraine has not approved its construction. It harms the environment of the peninsula and therefore must be destroyed. It doesn’t matter how: voluntary or not”, the adviser to the President of Ukraine, Mihailo Podoliak, published in a telegram, according to AFP, taken by Agerpres.

Opened by Russian President Vladimir Putin in May 2018, the Kerch Bridge is a massive and expensive two-year construction project to build 19 kilometers to connect mainland Russia with Crimea and four years after the peninsula was annexed by Moscow. .

The Crimean bridge is considered the most expensive in the world Photo: Profimedia images

This is not the first threat to Putin’s bridge, as it is nicknamed, but this time comes after a series of explosions in Crimea, which Russia uses as a logistical base for its invasion of Ukraine, which began on February 24.

tuesday, One attack targeted an ammunition depot at a military base near Zhankoy in northern Crimea, which Moscow called an “act of sabotage”.

A week ago, explosions rocked Sagi Military Airfield in the west of the peninsula, resulting in one death and several injuries.

Although Ukraine did not claim responsibility for the attacks, Ukrainian government officials did not miss the opportunity to mock the Russian military, saying the incidents were caused by poorly extinguished cigarettes and improper fire regulations.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has vowed that Kiev will never give up on its mission to recapture Crimea from Russia.

Author: Bogdan Bagurar

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