Ukraine – Who is the “Silver Fox” negotiating with Vladimir Putin’s group on international border tensions?

Wendy Sherman, one of the world’s most powerful ambassadors, has been nicknamed the “Silver Fox” for her snow-white hair and skillful negotiation style, and will take part in talks with Russia in Brussels on Wednesday. Negotiation desk in Geneva.

Sherman, the US deputy secretary of state (one of the most important positions in the US administration), met with Russian officials this week to discuss the situation on the Ukrainian border. The BBC reports, Recalling Vladimir Putin’s deployment of about 100,000 troops on the border of the former Soviet republic, raised fears of a new military invasion.

The United States hopes to ease the situation through these negotiations, and Wendy Sherman is on her side when it comes to difficult negotiations.

The 72-year-old ambassador, known for his “biting” style in Washington, has extensive experience in managing difficult topics.

Historic agreement with Iran

During President Bill Clinton’s tenure, Sherman sought to reach an agreement on North Korea’s nuclear weapons reduction. In 2011, he led a US negotiating team with Iran on a nuclear program under Barack Obama. Finally, in 2015, Sherman was able to table a historic agreement between Iran and the major powers, the United States, Great Britain, France, China, Russia and Germany, after which President Donald Trump condemned an agreement (in May last year, the new Biden administration on reviving the agreement). Has begun talks).

The nuclear deal was signed in July 2015 in Vienna by Iran and the UN. The five veto powers in the Security Council came to an end between Germany. The agreement aims to prevent Tehran from developing the capabilities needed to develop nuclear weapons. According to the document, Tehran has drastically reduced uranium enrichment processes and allowed stricter controls by International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) researchers. Following the signing of the agreement, economic and financial sanctions imposed by the West were later lifted.

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At the time, Sherman spoke about the fact that despite the strict rules on relations between men and women in the Islamic Republic, being a woman in the negotiating room is not a disadvantage.

When it gets hard

“When I had face-to-face talks with the Iranians, I represented the United States. As a woman I can say certain things without saying certain things harshly. When they are difficult, it has a big effect because people do not expect such an expulsion,” she said.

Sherman, who has pale skin, short hair and is tired of speech, is always sinless, says a British ambassador who worked with him in international negotiations.

Silver V-Neck T-Shirts

He earned the nickname “fox” by the Iranians for his cunning approach during the talks. The American team responded immediately. During the talks, colleagues from the State Department began wearing T-shirts with the message “Silver Fox” on them.

They all look at her with admiration, sometimes even vague fear when they see her at the table of international negotiations. Former U.S. Ambassador to Turkey James Jeffrey said: “She is very cautious and fearful.

From social assistance to politics

However, the beginning of his career had nothing to do with diplomacy. Studied social work at the University of Maryland. He was then involved in child care activities that had to be placed in foster care.

In the 1980s, frustrated with his efforts to save abused children, he became involved in the administration to change the system and became the director of the Child Rights and Protection Agency. A few years later, she became the first female undersecretary for political affairs in the Clinton administration.

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