Ukrainian soldiers in Bahmut say Russian forces are trying to encircle the city

Two Ukrainian soldiers fighting in the eastern city of Bahmut said Wednesday they feared an attempt by Russian forces to encircle the city, though they did not expect a dramatic change in the coming days.

“The situation in the city is very dangerous, but we continue to fight,” said an army soldier CNN He has not been identified for security reasons.

An unidentified soldier from Bagmut, who has been in constant contact with CNN for several weeks, said “every house in the east, northeast and southeast has fierce street fighting,” but as the Russian threat continues to escalate, he says he has not. The Russians do not think they will be able to make significant progress in the coming days.

‚ÄúThis is very disturbing to us and to all sane people, especially those who saw what happened to the surrounded people in Solatar. We were there too. And no one wants this to happen again,” said the soldier.

Ukraine’s deputy defense minister has admitted that Russia is “intensifying its pressure” on the eastern city of Bakhmut.

“The enemy is throwing a significant number of personnel, weapons and military equipment into the battle, trying to break through our defenses, they are suffering significant losses, but they are not abandoning their plans,” Hanna Malier said in Telegram. “Now, in Donbas, against their superiority in the number of soldiers and weapons, we have the advantage of a professional military command and the courage of the soldiers.”

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