Ukrainians split Orlon-10 drone and laugh at Russian technology: “A Canon camera stuck with velvet. We send this” cosmic “technology to our Western allies”

The Ukrainians claim that the commercial Canon camera, with the on / off switch attached and built of velvet, will look like the optical block of the Orlon-10 spy drone used by Russia, the Ukrainians who “cut off” such an aircraft without a pilot. Would have crashed in the territory of Ukraine.

Camera on the Arlon-10 dronePhoto: Video Capture

In a fast-paced video on the Internet, a soldier in the Ukrainian army disassembled the “most advanced” Russian technology – the Orlon-10 spy drone. Russia also took pride in its campaign videos.

The drone is said to have crashed in the Ukrainian region. “We even thought about sending this” cosmic “technology to our Western allies. We sent them some pictures and they told us” It can’t be modern, you do “.

The Ukrainian military continues to highlight the “familiar” shortcuts that the Russians use in their technique. Thus, it points to the camera of the optical block of the Orlan-10 drone with three lenses.

According to the pictures shown, the drone uses a Canon camera attached to the velvet and the on / off switch is attached to keep the camera closed. The camera is connected to a circuit in which the other lenses are connected, one is the thermal sensor.

“Write”Made in Russia“But we’ll see it’s a canon camera. She’s caught,” said the soldier.

Say “No modern Russian weapon can function without it: glass”

Then the Ukrainian army moves to the most important component, “Without it no modern Russian weapon can function: glass.”

To avoid getting lost, the pictures show a plastic glass neck with a lid attached to a metal chain on the top of the drone.

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“It simply came to our notice then. Here it says “fuel”, here it says “ignition” and you can find the bottle cap, maybe a bottle of mineral water. As you can see, Russia is not Russia without a bottle, “said Ukraine.

However, the Ukrainian military has intensified again and insists that the Orlan-10 drones used by Russia are highly effective and pose a threat to the Ukrainian military.

“Do not underestimate the performance of these drones. The enemy has many drones like this. Our boys must always be vigilant because something like this will always be on top,” the soldier recalls, with a radius of about 100 kilometers.

“The enemy is very effective in monitoring our movements with such drones,” says the Ukrainian.

Russia is proud to have used Orlan-10 drones in the Ukraine war

Russian Ministry of Defense Made a presentation film The Orlan-10 multifunctional drone was used in “special military operations” in Ukraine, especially for gathering information.

“During combat operations, Orlan-10 teams conduct tactical reconnaissance aircraft to coordinate operations between different types of military equipment and weapons, despite the enemy’s electronic interference,” Clip said.

Orlan-10 drones are used to identify and classify targets fitted in the spectrum of optical instruments and thermal radiation.

The Russian Defense Ministry says that groups are recording and broadcasting positions of the Ukrainian armed forces, using “human shields” and “combat positions in civilian areas” to hide enemies in civilian areas.

“Drones are not just spying. Operators use them to control the corridors where Russian forces evacuate refugees and the roads through which humanitarian convoys pass. Arlon drones operate incessantly, much like their operators, ”said the Russian Defense Ministry.

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Orlan-10, a tactical drone for recognizing and identifying targets, modeled after a 2010 donation by the Russian military

Orlan-10 drone system Type of drone developed by the St. Petersburg Center for Specialized Technologies for the Russian Armed Forces. Drones are usually used in groups of two to three for surveillance missions at altitudes of 1,000-1,500 meters.

About 1,000 such drones have been built in various structures since 2010 and have been used in Syria, Libya and Nagorno-Karabakh.

Weighing in at about 15kg, these drones are catapult-launched and automatically triggered by a parachute system.

Orlan-10 drones reach speeds of up to 150 km / h, have a range of about 140 km / h, but can fly up to 600 km. The drones will reach an altitude of 5,000 meters and have a range of about 16 hours.

Arlon-10, drone model crashed at Bistrida-Nassau in Romania

Same drone model Collapsed in Romania A few weeks ago, when officials in our country said he was an “airplane model”.

Later, the drone crashed into a pistol, acknowledging to Defense Minister Vasily Din that it was “an investigation-report”, but that it was “old” and It’s “a drone toy.”

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