US presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. suffered from a parasite that entered his brain / “Ten years ago the problem was solved and he is in very good physical and mental condition today”

Robert Kennedy Jr., the grandson of former US President John F. Kennedy and an independent presidential candidate, suffered serious health problems from a parasite that entered his brain and destroyed part of it, according to the New Journal. It was written by The York Times on Wednesday, following an extensive investigation, AFP reported.

Robert Kennedy Jr. is the son of former Attorney General and Democratic presidential candidate Robert ‘Bobby’ Kennedy.

According to the New York Times, Kennedy Jr., 70, suffered significant aftereffects related to the presence of a parasite in his brain, Agerpress reports.

These revelations are based on, among other things, what was discussed by the press in the divorce of Robert Kennedy Jr.

In the document from 2012, Kennedy Jr. says doctors discovered “a worm had entered his brain, biting off part of it and causing his death.”

The man said he had ‘obvious cognitive problems’ and ‘long- and short-term memory loss’ as a result.

When asked by AFP, a spokesman for the candidate, Robert Kennedy Jr., confirmed that he “became infected with a parasite” during a trip “to Africa, South America or Asia.”

“The problem was solved ten years ago, and he is in very good physical and mental health today,” Stephanie Spear said, adding: “It’s ridiculous to question Mr. Kennedy’s health when you look at who he’s up against” — the heavily disguised 81-year-old Joe Biden and the 77-year-old. A note from Donald Trump.

According to the New York Times, Kennedy suffered from mercury poisoning, which can also cause neurological problems.

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