US warns Russia will seek wrong way out of Ukraine war

U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has warned that Russia may seek a false exit from the war in Ukraine by creating a lasting peace in Ukraine that will not allow Russian troops to invade Ukraine again, according to Rador, citing CNN.

Anthony Blinken – US Secretary of StatePhoto: Karim Jaffer / AFP / Profimedia

“One of the things you can imagine is that the Russians are trying to find an exit, and it’s going to be the wrong exit, which is: let’s have a cease-fire, let’s freeze things, get a frozen conflict, never negotiate. Over the territory they’ve captured and continue to hold.

“Rest, regroup, regroup and strike again,” the US official said at an event organized by the Wall Street Journal on Monday night. Such a situation, the US official explained, could occur if Russia fails to “make the Ukrainian people surrender”. This is possible because of the incredible resistance shown by the Ukrainians. “It will end and end with diplomacy, with negotiation.

But what we must pursue is a just and lasting peace. Not a fake peace,” said Antony Blinken. Of the 300,000 Russians called up for active military service, only a third were fully mobilized, Antony Blinken said, pointing to the poor skills of those who joined the fight.

“They have troops that are poorly trained, poorly equipped, not equipped for the winter, thrown into this mix – it’s terrible. They’re generally not very effective units,” the US official pointed out.

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