Video. A bridge collapses in Greece. People are trapped under the rubble

A bridge under construction collapsed in the western Greek city of Patras on Sunday. AFP reports that fire and police services have reported people trapped and injured under the rubble, Agerpres.

“There are people trapped under the rubble, but we don’t know how many,” a fire department spokesman said, and minutes later, a police spokesman said there were “injured” people.

According to the Greek agency ANA, an extensive rescue operation is underway after ambulances, fire engines and police cars arrived at the scene of the accident.

The University Hospital in Patras and St. Andrew’s Hospital in the same city are ready to receive the injured.

Public broadcaster ERT said five people were seriously injured, but this information has not been confirmed by authorities at this stage.

The reasons for the decline are still unknown.

The bridge is located on the highway connecting the port of Patras on the Peloponnese peninsula with the capital city of Athens.

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