Video. Dramatic moments: Woman rescued at last moment from flooded car in Arizona

The woman, who was trapped in the car after being shocked by the smoke, was saved by the police at the last moment. As the car got stuck in the mud, raging muddy water started entering the vehicle.

Heavy rains caused massive flooding in the US state of Arizona this week. With a strong emotional impact, images posted on Twitter by police at Apache Junction indicated they were captured by a video camera attached to one of the officers.

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The woman hesitated to get out of the car until the last minute as she did not want to leave her dog in the vehicle.

– Madam, the car will sink! come here! Speed ​​fast! Wake up! go out! Urge the police trying to reach the woman. Wrap it up! Wrap it up there! Come, girl, come! Play it again. Come on, here comes Eddie. Do you like it? come come Come on, I got you. Hurry, the water is coming, girl! Come! Eddie, come here.

– Can we take the dog too? the girl asks him.

– It’s okay, come on!

– My dog!

– Come on, girl, get out!

– I don’t want to leave my dog!

– Come on, give me another hand!

– My dog!

– Give me another hand! I will also take the dog out. Come on, come on, catch me, I miss it!

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– I caught you. Is there anyone else in the car?

– My dog!

– We’ll get the dog back. Wake up!

The woman was eventually pulled to safety, but police never found the dog.

Author: Luana Pavaluka

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