Video Personal public appeal on Russian TV: “We must elect someone else, not Putin”

Boris Nadeshtin, a former liberal MP, was quoted as saying on Gazprom-owned NTV that President Vladimir Putin should be replaced in the next election. Newsweek.

Vladimir PutinPhoto: Alexei Danichev / AP / Profimedia

During a discussion, Nadeshtin, who opposed Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, said that under the current political regime in Russia, “there is no way we will return to Europe.”

“We need to elect another government that will end this story with Ukraine and build a normal relationship with European countries,” he said on NTV, one of the three main state channels.

One of the presenters, Ivan Truskin, tried to interrupt him. “I was expecting you to say all this word for word,” his comments were “boring.”

He said that in 2024 there will be a presidential election in Russia, “We should elect someone else, not Putin. Then everything will be alright.”

The clip was posted on Twitter by Anton Kerashchenko, Ukraine’s internal affairs adviser, who wrote: “For the first time on Russian TV, propagandists said that Putin and the country’s leadership should resign and others should be elected.”

While it’s unclear if this is the first call for Putin to leave power, criticism of the Kremlin is rare, Nadeshtin is a regular guest on the show, and his stance on the war is familiar. Producers.

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Indeed, in September 2022, Boris Nadeshtin claimed to have been misled by Putin’s advisers, who wrote that he believed Ukraine would soon surrender and called for peace talks to end the conflict quickly. Newsweek.

Russian officials have called for Putin’s indictment

Representatives of the Smolinsky municipality in St. Petersburg last year asked the State Duma of the Russian Federation to impeach Russian President Vladimir Putin through a petition.

According to the document, the war launched by Vladimir Putin on February 24 has destroyed “combat-ready units” of the Russian army, “talented young people, citizens of Russia” are dying, the country’s economy is suffering, the length of Russia’s border with NATO countries will double, and Ukraine will receive new weapons, although “special military One of the objectives of the operation was to “demilitarize” the country.

The document also stated that “the Russian president’s decision to launch a special military operation harms the security of Russia and its citizens.”

“In this regard, as representatives of the State Duma, we ask you to come up with a proposal to bring charges of treason against the President of the Russian Federation in order to remove him from office,” the appeal reads.

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