Video Putin argues with Western diplomats in Kremlin: EU started geopolitical conflict with Russia and US is responsible for crisis in Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday that Russia is open to constructive partnership with every country and will not isolate itself despite the complicated situation in the world, while the Kremlin leader told the EU’s ambassador at a ceremony in the Kremlin on Wednesday. Relations between Russia and the alliance have “severely deteriorated” and the EU has launched a “geopolitical confrontation” with Russia, Reuters and AFP reported.

Vladimir PutinPhoto: Vladimir Astabkovich/AP/Profimedia

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday told the new US and EU ambassadors clearly and directly that their countries are responsible for the dramatic deterioration in relations since Russia sent its armed forces to Ukraine last year.

The ambassadors were among 17 people who formally presented their diplomatic credentials to Putin in a televised ceremony in the Kremlin.

The European Union has “started a geopolitical conflict” with Russia, Vladimir Putin told the new European ambassador to Moscow, Frenchman Roland Galharak, on Wednesday, at an occasion to present credentials to foreign diplomats.

“The EU has started a geopolitical conflict with Russia,” Putin said during a speech at the Kremlin, noting that Ukraine’s relations with its ally, the EU, had “deteriorated sharply in recent years.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin told new US ambassador Lynn Tracy at a Kremlin ceremony that US support for a revolution in Ukraine in 2014 led to the current situation where Russia and Ukraine are at odds.

He said the relationship was in “deep crisis” and was based on “fundamentally different approaches to building a modern world order.”

  • “Dear Madam Ambassador, I know you will not agree, but I can say that the US use of tools such as support for the so-called “color revolutions”, support in this sense for the coup in Kiev in 2014, ultimately led to today’s Ukrainian crisis,” Putin said.
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Russia countered the uprising in Kiev that ousted a pro-Russian president in 2014 by backing an armed separatist movement that seized the Crimean peninsula and seized power in eastern Ukraine.

Putin called on Denmark to support Russia’s proposal to set up an independent international panel to investigate explosions at the Nord Stream pipeline that brought gas from Russia to Germany last September.

In his remarks, Putin said that Russia is open to constructive partnership with every country and will not isolate itself despite the complex situation in the world.

Relations between Russia and the West were already bad before the so-called “special military operation” in Ukraine, but they have worsened since then.

Russia says it was forced to intervene in Ukraine to stop Western intervention that is becoming a threat to Ukraine’s security.

The West and Kiev dismissed the victory as a baseless pretext for war, and the West imposed economic sanctions and began supplying Ukraine with advanced weapons and other resources to counter Russian forces.

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