Video Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu makes his first public appearance two weeks after his absence

According to the AFP, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu made his first public appearance in two weeks after raising questions about the Kremlin’s attempt to oust him, according to images released on Saturday.

Sergei ChoikuPhoto: Twitter

The Ministry of Defense released a video on Saturday showing Řoigu chairing a meeting dedicated to the military budget.

The pictures are not dated, but the minister mentions a meeting with the finance minister, which took place on Friday, March 25, Russian agencies say.

He says orders and weapons are being delivered according to plan “despite the difficulties we face today” due to international sanctions imposed in retaliation for the Russian attack on Ukraine.

On Thursday, the Kremlin reported a conversation between the minister and President Vladimir Putin during a report on the progress of special military operations at a meeting of the Russian Security Council, which sought to clarify questions raised by Shoiku’s long absence from public view. Armed war.

The Kremlin also rejected speculation about the minister’s health.

“The defense minister now has a lot to do (…) This is not the time for media action,” said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

Serghei Șoigu is usually a standard media presence. He and Vladimir Putin usually arrange trips to the Siberian taiga, drive off the road, drink tea or pick mushrooms.

The TV Russia 24 appraiser interrupted a live interview on Friday Broadcasting of pre-recorded pictures of the action meetingThe country’s National Security Council, in which Defense Minister Sergei Choiku also appeared, has not been seen for more than a week. The television company did not say when the meeting took place, CNN reported.

The spokesman quoted a spokesman for Russian President Dmitry Pesco as saying Shoiku remotely reports what he calls a “Ukrainian military operation.”. The pictures did not show Shoi speaking, but his picture appeared on the screen among the participants in the video conference, in which they told Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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