Video Russian soldiers flee ‘Penny Hill’ after Ukrainian drone targets their bunker

A new video shared on social media by the Ukrainian military shows Russian soldiers running to eat on the ground after a drone grenade was launched in front of a makeshift bunker.

The Russian soldiers fled on the groundPhotography: Video Capture – Paul Javin

The suggestive footage does not leave much room for comment, but it is interesting that the Russian soldiers covered their advanced bunker with whatever was available, apparently lacking the military camouflage required for front and adjacent positions.

That the Russian army is having trouble providing its soldiers with the necessary camouflage equipment has been clear since the first days of the “special operation” launched by Vladimir Putin last year, with numerous videos and photos appearing in the community in March 2022. Networks showing how Moscow’s players have changed Carpets, hay and branches to cover their tanks and armor.

Rob Lee, a military analyst at the Institute for Foreign Policy Research, noted at the time that the situation was peculiar because the Russians are actually very good at disguising their vehicles and have demonstrated this in past military exercises.

Another video recently surfaced on social media, which captured a group of Russian players Surrendered without resistance It also showed that some soldiers sent by Putin to Ukraine had not yet received winter equipment after their positions were attacked by Ukrainian mountain hunters.

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Footage shared on social media platforms in late December highlighted a stark contrast between the Ukrainian military, dressed head-to-toe in white gear, and Russians still in their summer uniforms.

Equipment, the army sent by Putin to take over Ukraine is lacking

On December 9, Russian President Vladimir Putin He agreed for the first time Players patched since September 21 have had issues with their equipment He ordered partial mobilizationThis was shown after several videos shared by Russian recruiters on social media.

At a news conference in Bishkek, Putin said some problems with supplying the 300,000 men called up in a mobilization campaign in September and October were now being eased.

Last Tuesday, the Kremlin leader ordered the formation of a government Called the Task Force To coordinate issues related to mobilization and training of mobilized reservists in the wake of numerous complaints made by Russian recruiters and veterans.

A day later, Vladimir Putin Approved His Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu’s proposal to expand the Russian armed forces by hundreds of thousands of new soldiers Assurances from the Kremlin That mobilization is over.

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