Video. Thousands of Russian budget workers and students were forcibly brought to a pro-Putin rally

Thousands of budget workers and students were forcibly brought to rally in support of Putin and “referendums” organized by Moscow in the occupied territories of Ukraine.

The video features a rally in Moscow. The NEXTA release ironically wonders “will protesters sign up going forward?”

Propaganda media say 50,000 people turned out for a pro-government rally in Moscow.

Vladimir Putin on Wednesday morning announced partial demobilization in Russia and threatened nuclear weapons again. At the same time, he said, a “peaceful atmosphere for holding the polls” would be ensured in the occupied territories. The occupied administrations of Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson and Zaporozhye have announced they will hold referendums on joining Russia.

Popular consultations began on Friday, the day marking the seven-month war in Ukraine. They will end on September 27.

Moscow supports the initiative, but does not fully control any of these areas and has suffered painful defeats on the battlefield in recent weeks.

After the Kremlin leader announced partial demobilization, the price of plane tickets simply exploded, but even under these conditions, all available seats on foreign flights were sold out in minutes, according to the Moscow Times. More Russians who can be linked want to leave the country.

Reservists may be barred from leaving Russia, but only after receiving a subpoena, according to Medusa. Restrictions on enlisted men are provided by Section 21 of the Military Training and Mobilization Act, which prohibits “leaving the place of residence without the permission of the local military commissars”.

But the article does not mention anything about partial aggregation. The chairman of the State Duma Security Committee, Andrei Kartabulov, has already said that he does not advise those subject to partial mobilization to “go to resorts in Turkey.”

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Video Source: NEXTA

Author: Liviu Kojan

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