Video Ukraine recaptures a village in the Kharkiv region near the Russian border

Ukrainian forces have recaptured a village in northern Kharkiv as counterattacks against Russian forces continue. CNN.

Ukrainian soldiers fly the flag inside a building in the Kharkiv regionPhoto: Video Capture

In a video circulated in the Telegram, troops were seen hoisting the flag in a building in the village of Molotov, 20 kilometers southeast of the Ukrainian-Russian border. CNN geolocated and verified the authenticity of the video.

“That’s how we are released,” one soldier is heard saying in the video. “Step by step, village by village. Our land.”

The Kharkiv counter-attack has captured several villages in the past two weeks.

Troops in the region are not only moving closer to the Russian border, but also closer to the main Russian supply lines leading from the border to the Russian-occupied Izium and Donetsk region.

Russia’s advance into western Ukraine requires the re-deployment of troops from Izium and the northern Donetsk region. Most of the fighting and bombings in Ukraine take place in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

Russian forces there are aided by pro-Russian separatists in both Donetsk and Luhansk.

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