VIDEO What does the world’s most modern battle tank look like? AbramsX has been officially released

General Dynamics presented the first images of its next-generation battle tanks – the AbramsX, the next evolution of the main battle tank for the US forces and beyond. AbramsX will be a hybrid machine, light, highly protected, automatic firing system and a small crewed tank packed with many electronic and artificial intelligence functions.

Abrams XPhoto: YouTube capture

General Dynamics Land Systems has officially unveiled the upcoming AbramsX main battle tank concept, which can be seen in images coming with a heavily modified turret from the current models.

The new turret on the AbramsX has multiple electro-optical systems and a weapons station with a 30 millimeter cannon.

Its main armament is a 120 mm cannon derived from the XM360 and comes with a flame suppression system when fired. The cannon comes with a coaxial machine gun.

The model shown comes in urban-gray camouflage, with the skirt protecting the tracks with a counter-shade.

The AbramsX turret is unmanned, with a self-loading ammunition system, enabling a reduced crew size from the current four men to three. This is a major change that increases the tank’s survivability and frees up a lot of space in the turret for higher capabilities, the publication writes. driver.

The tower mounted on the AbramsX model shown is not completely finished, but there are free spaces for mounting various types of security or research technologies: countermeasures or trophy active security systems, but also camera systems that allow the crew a 360-degree view. From inside an armored vehicle.

AbramsX is a hybrid engine and lighter than current battle tanks

However, although not all parameters are officially known, the AbramsX is a lighter tank than its predecessors. For example, the M1A2 System Enhanced Package Version 3 (SEPv3) tank, the most modern version of the Abrams currently in service, weighs 73.6 tons.

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Another significant change is motivation. The AbramsX will use a conventional-electric hybrid propulsion system, and with its lighter weight offers 50% fuel economy compared to current battle tanks, the US Army considers this a major trade-off between logistics and performance as the turbine engines in the current Abrams consume more kerosene.

“This hybrid system would allow the AbramsX to operate with very little noise while idling and would provide a major tactical advantage for short periods of time at low speeds,” writes The Drive.

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