Vladimir Putin has deployed a massive weapon called the “Sledgehammer” in Ukraine. It is the most powerful motor in the world

It writes that Russian forces, suffering heavy losses on the front lines, have deployed the world’s most powerful mortar capable of using nuclear charges on the battlefield. Mirror.co.uk.

Nicknamed the “Sledgehammer”, the 2S4 Tulban – or Tulban – self-propelled mortar has a 240 mm gun – twice the size of NATO mortars, which are only 120 mm.

Transported on its own tracks, it has a range of 19 kilometers and can be used to destroy large fortifications, military equipment or strategic positions.

It is capable of firing nuclear bombs, although this may be limited to “micro-nuclear bombs” designed to destroy an area the size of a football field, the British publication said.

The weapon has already been used with devastating effect in Afghanistan, Chechnya and Syria.

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It can also fire armour-piercing, laser-guided and interdicted cluster munitions and tactical nuclear weapons.

Moscow’s commanders are desperately trying to launch a counteroffensive in the east.

A military source told the Daily Mirror: “It’s a huge, devastating weapon, capable of destroying a large area. But it’s also a huge target for Ukraine’s drone and artillery teams, which hunt Russia’s offensive equipment on a daily basis.”

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