We Energies requires customers to lower the heat to 60-62 degrees.

GREEN BAY, Wisconsin (WBAY) — We Energies is urging customers to reduce their natural gas use by immediately lowering the heat to 60 to 62 degrees. This move will allow customers to stay safe and warm and help avoid a massive outage of natural gas.

The order comes after an interstate pipeline supplier that supplies natural gas to We Energies experienced a major equipment failure that limits the amount of fuel they send to We Energies.

The affected pipeline is one of several sources that we use in energy sources to receive natural gas. On a normal day, a problem like this doesn’t require customers to reduce their usage. However, with extremely cold conditions across much of the United States, We Energies is unable to receive additional natural gas from other pipeline suppliers.

We Energies has already taken several steps to reduce demand for natural gas, including drawing from LNG and propane storage facilities, and reducing natural gas for business customers who have agreed to special bills at these types of events.

We Energies also strongly urges customers to avoid using other natural gas appliances such as stoves, dryers, or ovens.

The company maintains emergency and critical facilities.

Customers should take the following actions to help reduce demand for natural gas:

Adjust the thermostat between 60 to 62 degrees. Add layers or blankets to keep warm when the thermostat’s temperature is lowered.

Close curtains at night and avoid opening doors to retain heat. Open the blinds during the day to let the sun’s heat in.

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Avoid using secondary natural gas heating sources, such as natural gas stoves.

Use of natural gas in small quantities. Preparing food in slow cookers or microwaves.

We expect this shortfall to continue throughout the day – and we’ll reassess tomorrow.

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