“We must not underestimate Russia’s military power”

Germany’s defense chief has warned that Russia has the potential to open a “second theater of war” if it chooses to do so and should not be underestimated. Guardian.

General Eberhard Zorn declared the Bundeswehr’s highest military post Reuters In an interview: “Most of the Russian ground forces may not be moving in Ukraine at the moment, but even so, we should not underestimate the ability of the Russian ground forces to open a second theater of war.”

Russia has a navy and an air force at its disposal, as well as substantial reserves, he added.

“A large part of the Russian Navy is not yet committed to combat in Ukraine, and the Russian Air Force still has significant potential, which also poses a threat to NATO,” Zorn added.

Russia is “capable of expanding the conflict regionally,” he said.

The pace of the Russian offensive has slowed, but Moscow’s forces are “supported by massive artillery fire” and “continue to advance regardless of Ukrainian civilian casualties,” General Zorn said.

He also suggested that Russia was not going to run out of ammunition anytime soon: “The Russians have plenty of ammunition at their disposal. “

“This ammunition is somewhat old and very imprecise, but it is precisely this that causes great destruction to civilian infrastructure. They fire 40,000 to 60,000 artillery shells a day,” explained the head of the Bundeswehr.

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