Well, we know why Brian Cox was okay with the succession ending

Good, last night’s episode to Succession Leave viewers (this author included) in shock and awe. She preached first class performance, we witnessed the immediate ramifications of the death of Waystar-Royco CEO and family patriarch Logan Royco. like The final season of the show Really, it makes a lot more sense Why Brian Cox has been so quiet about the series finale.

while others Succession Cast Owns sadness The end of the HBO drama In interviews, Cox was nonchalant about the whole thing. Even when he learned that Logan would finally kick the can off the viewer Jesse Armstrong Cox says he was “unfazed”.

“He called me, and said, ‘Logan is going to die,'” Cox said. New York times In an interview published after last night’s episode. And I thought, ‘Oh, that’s good. “I thought he was going to die in Episode 7 or 8, but Episode 3, I thought…”Well, that’s a little early.

“Not that I was upset,” he adds.

In newly published interviews, Cox has mostly seemed relieved that he no longer has to get pregnant Logan’s death is with him like a sacrament anymore.

“I’m very proud of myself, for being able to keep this secret,” says Cox. Delivery time. “You know, I thought, Wow, Brian, for the first time ever, I actually kept a secret. It’s such a big secret.”

Cox has mentioned necessity succession In the end, he expresses minimal emotion and praises the difficult decision to end the Emmy Award-winning show. After last night’s episode aired, his attitude escalated Makes more sense, as was Logan I won’t be back anyway.

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“Well, they had to end it somehow, and it was Jesse’s choice,” he told times. “I’ve said it beforeAnd, I’ll say it again, the problem with a lot of TVs, especially American TV, is that they’re past their sell-by date. And the great thing about Jesse and the writers is that they won’t. It was hard for them because it wasn’t easy to finish.”

Logan’s death was inevitable in a show called Succession. The show began with the media mogul on his deathbedAnd his exit from this deadly plane was only a matter of time – and Armstrong writing the script. Clinging to a character or project isn’t Cox’s style, and it would be pointless when it comes to Logan, whose death is essential to the show’s progression.

While looking forward to a life outside of Logan, Cox is looking forward to returning to the theater scene and embarking on his first feature-length directorial project.

“[Succession] It’s a very special job that you’ve done, and it’s given me so much, and I’m really forever grateful for it,” says Cox. “But it’s just a stop on the road. It’s not the destination for me. Now this may be wrong. may know me. But I will continue regardless. “

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