What 49ers GM John Lynch wrote for Tom Brady in a short off-season exchange

INDIANAPOLIS — With the 49ers’ quarterback status uncertain, general manager John Lynch shared that he recently exchanged text messages with former Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady.

“I texted him when he retired,” Lynch said Tuesday at the NFL Combine. “He was a teammate for three weeks at one point, so I texted him, ‘Congratulations. ‘ One of the greatest careers I’ve ever seen in any sport. I wished him the best. We’ll leave it at that.”

Later, away from the podium, when Lynch was asked if he had received a response from Brady, he confirmed.

“I got a crush,” said Lynch.

The health of both 49ers quarterbacks is in flux. Lynch provided an update on quarterback Brock Purdy and his impending elbow surgery, noting that the Iowa product will be ready for action in a week or so.

Lynch also shared that while Trey Lance may not be 100% yet, the young quarterback has started throwing the ball, which the 49ers GM can see from his office window.

For now, San Francisco will move forward with both Purdy and Lance on the roster, but will look for more depth in the middle as needed.

“We may have to look at the quarterback market in addition to Brock and Trey, to insulate ourselves from whatever might be going on,” said Lynch. “We will do our due diligence as we always do.”

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Lynch added that the league had meetings in Indianapolis to discuss changing the rules regarding having an active third quarterback in addition to the 46 active players on game day. Nothing solid has been proposed yet, but the general manager shared that talks will continue.

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The only confirmed version, for now, is that the text conversations between Lynch and Brady only included congratulations.

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