Who can replace Boris Johnson if he is fired (Reuters)

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will face a referendum on Monday amid a series of scandals, including revelations about the demolition of a Downing Street residence amid an epidemic. If he fails in the confidence vote, he will be fired, meaning the Conservative Party will run an internal race to nominate a successor.

News agency Reuters He briefly introduces the key politicians who could replace the current British Prime Minister:

Liz Truss

The head of British diplomacy continues to be on top of trust among members of the Conservative Party. Truss carefully developed his public image, photographing himself in a tank last year, which sparked a similar image of Margaret Thatcher, the first woman Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in 1986.

The 46-year-old politician was Minister of International Trade for the first two years of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and in 2021 he was appointed Chief Negotiator with the European Union. He expressed his 100% support for Johnson on Monday and encouraged his colleagues to support the Prime Minister.

Jeremy Hunt

Former Secretary of State Hunt, 55, finished second behind Boris Johnson in the Conservative Party’s 2019 domestic election. After Johnson’s turbulent tenure he will offer a more serious and less controversial leadership style. For the past two years, he has used the experience of being a former health minister to chair the House Health Committee. Earlier this year, he said his ambition to become prime minister was “not completely destroyed”.

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Rishi Sunak

Until last year, the current finance minister wanted to come after Boris Johnson. Sunak was praised for his economic recovery package during the COVID-19 epidemic, including the 10 410 billion ($ 514 billion) massive unemployment prevention program.

However, he was criticized for not providing enough support to British families and was fined for violating the Corona virus locking restrictions. Rishi Sunak on Monday said he supports Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Nadim Jahavi

Incumbent Education Minister Nadeem Jahawi stood alone during the Govt-19 vaccination campaign, saying the United Kingdom has reached one of the highest vaccination rates in the world. The personal story of Jahawi, a former Iraqi refugee who came to England as a child, sets him apart from other conservative politicians with the opportunity to lead the party. Prior to entering Parliament in 2010, he was one of the co-founders of the social research firm YouGov. Last week, he said it would be a “privilege” if he were prime minister.

Penny Mortant

Benny Morton, a former defense minister and a staunch supporter of Brexit, was fired when Boris Johnson became prime minister after he backed Jeremy Hunt in the 2019 Conservative domestic contest. He described the parties, which had organized a full lockout on Downing Street, as “shameful” and said last month that British voters wanted to see “professionalism and efficiency” from the government.

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