Who is the Texas killer: Lonely teenager leaving school / Two assault weapons, 7 chargers and 19 dead students

The 18-year-old suspected that He killed 19 children and two adults at a Texas school on TuesdayBefore he was killed, he was involved in a family dispute, was isolated and dropped out of school, according to officials and eyewitnesses, the AFP quoted.

Tragedy in Wolverhampton after the massacre at the elementary schoolPhoto: Allison Dinner / AFP / Profimedia

The young man, identified as Salvador Ramos, was a U.S. citizen enrolled in Wolde High School, Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced Tuesday evening, without giving a reason for his killing of 19 people.

Shortly after turning 18, he bought two assault rifles on May 17 and 20, the senator quoted CNN as saying. On May 18, he purchased 375 bullets.

Two guns appear on his Instagram account, meanwhile disabled.

A photo shows a young man with pale skin and medium length black hair falling on his neck in a photo with a glass face. Another frame with a gray sweatshirt makes him look even darker and more fun.

In one post, he holds a pistol magazine.

On Tuesday, Salvador Ramos unleashed terror on a school in the southwestern city of Texas with a population of 16,000, causing one of the worst crimes in recent years in the United States, where he was shot dead by police.

Governor Abbott said Tuesday that investigators are trying to get detailed information on the young killer’s “profile”, “his motives, the type of weapons he used and whether he has the right to possess them.”

Vulnerability to bullying co-workers

On Tuesday, around 11:30 (16:30 GMT), Salvador Ramos, wearing a bulletproof vest and a gun, rushed into the school after a car accident and opened fire.

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But before he could go to school, he shot his own grandmother and fled, Texas Department of Homeland Security spokesman Chris Olivares said Tuesday.

According to relatives quoted by the American press, he recently became close with his grandmother and lived in her home after a dispute with her mother.

The victim, Mia’s cousin, told the Washington Post that she had complained to her grandmother that she did not want to go to school anymore. “He was not a very sociable person because he regretted the stutter,” he added.

“Many took him very seriously …” former close friend Stephen Garcia told the newspaper.

Seven chargers “

Isolated, he dropped out of high school and gradually dropped out of high school. Salvador Ramos cuts his face with a knife, ”said another young man who knew him from kindergarten.

He worked at Wendy’s fast food restaurant for a year before he left a month ago. “He didn’t interact much with other employees,” his boss told CNN.

These elements of personality bring him closer to other perpetrators of school massacres in 2018 in Barclays, Florida (17 deaths) or in Columbine, Colorado, in 1999 (13 deaths): education and social failure, passion for weapons, conflict family …

Salvador Ramos plays many video games, especially fighting games such as Fortnight or Call of Duty, according to Jeremiah Munos, a close New York Times spokeswoman.

Munos said he received two photos of assault rifles from Ramos, just as they posted on Instagram the weekend before the tragedy.

“Four days ago,” another former classmate of the attacker, who wanted to remain anonymous, told CNN.

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“Dude, why do you have this?” I said, and he said, “Don’t worry.”

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