Whoopi Goldberg slams decision to remove Mississippi anchor for quoting Snoop Dogg

By Claudia Uraha, Dailymail.Com Senior Correspondent

13:56 Mar 28 2023, updated 14:26 Mar 28 2023

  • Barbie Bassett removed from air after quoting Snoop: ‘Fo shizzle my n****e’
  • Goldberg is the latest to defend Bassett and criticize political correctness

Whoopi Goldberg has slammed the decision to remove a white Mississippi news anchor from the air after she quoted Snoop Dogg’s words during a broadcast.

Barbie Bassett, popular anchor and WLBT’s first chief meteorologist, hasn’t been seen on the NBC affiliate since March 8 after repeating Snoop’s famous slang: “Fo shizzle, my n****e.”

Speaking on The View, Whoopi gave the news anchor grace — while also looking out for political correctness in general — saying “just because we’re on TV, doesn’t mean we know everything.”

Bassett’s comment came during a segment about Snoop Dogg’s wine company, Cali Wine Collection — and the launch of the Snoop Cali Blanc variety.

The racial title she referred to is for blacks – but Whoopi is now among a growing number of people, including the god Charlemagne, who advocate for Bassett.

Whoopi Goldberg has slammed the decision to remove a white Mississippi news anchor from the air after she quoted Snoop Dogg’s words during the broadcast — and defended all TV hosts who sometimes “don’t know everything.”

Morning news anchor Barbie Bassett (center) is seen with her anchors during the controversial broadcast on air. Bassett has not been seen on air since the March 8 incident after he made a racially insensitive remark

“There has to be a book of things no one could say, ever, ever,” Whoopi told The View. Include everything. Things that change, you can say this, but you can’t say this, but next week you may not be able to say this, it’s hard to keep up.

It’s hard to keep up. And if you’re a person of a certain age, there are things we do and say.

We don’t know everything you’re not supposed to do. And if there’s something to say to someone, if you’re not going to give them the opportunity to explain why they said it, at least give them the grace to say “You know what, I was just told I shouldn’t do that,” as opposed to “You’re out.”

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“Because saying ‘you’re out there’ means you don’t want to hear what people are saying or what mistakes they might have made that could have helped someone else not make that mistake.”

Goldberg also complained that TV stations “never” let you go back and clarify your controversial statements – perhaps a reference to her on-screen gaffes.

The View host was previously suspended from the show for saying “the Holocaust isn’t about race” and also filmed an apology for using the word “g****d” – a term considered derogatory to people of Romani heritage.

This phrase is used by rapper Snoop Dogg a lot in his music
The former beauty pageant queen (right) was cited in October 2022 for making a racially insensitive remark to a fellow broadcaster for which she recently apologized
Bassett was seen speaking to viewers on March 8 – in what appears to be her last broadcast

Barbie Bassett’s latest spat comes just months after she called her mistress, Cameron Poe’s grandmother, a “grandmother” – a term used by African American slaves to describe their grandmothers. black boo.

She apologized to viewers and co-workers for the offensive remark during the October 2022 broadcast, calling it “insensitive and hurtful” and said she would take part in the training “to better understand our history and our people”.

After the firestorm, WLBT Vice President and General Manager Ted Fortenberry issued a statement on social media: “As I’m sure you understand, WLBT is unable to comment on personnel matters.”

Discussing Bassett’s latest incident with DJ Envy, Charlamagne God also recently came to her defense: “She couldn’t say, ‘Fo s****e, my n****e?'” “

“Fo s****e, my n****e,” Bassett said, while plugging in the Cali Wine collection — and launching the Snoop Cali Blanc varietal.

Oh, I guess because n****e is derived from the N word. I’m saying that in context. I didn’t mean to say… I don’t use that word.

The word is sometimes used as slang for the n-word, and is considered offensive.

But DJ Envy said he didn’t think its use was “fireable,” with Charlemagne interjecting: “You probably don’t even know what ‘N***e’ means, you.

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“I don’t like, come on, we have to love,” stop the man. This is no reason to fire that woman.

That’s the thing with hip hop, man. Hip-hop is so big and so broad and it’s just like, who can consume it and who can’t?

‘you know what i mean? Who can repeat slang and who can’t? She may be old. She probably has no idea that the word N is a derivative of the word n.

DJ Envy was also quick to defend Bassett, adding that she may have been “a fan of Snoop Dogg.”

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