Why do the Russians say that Ukrainian troops are better at night attacks? / Counter Attack Successes (ISW)

According to the Institute for the Study of War (Institute for the Study of War), Russian sources reported that Ukraine’s armed forces have a tactical advantage in conducting nighttime attacks with equipment equipped with advanced night-optical systems provided by Western countries.ISW)

Bradley fighting vehiclePhoto: Operation 2022 / Alamy / Profimedia Images

Western-supplied equipment allows Ukrainian forces to carry out attacks at night because it provides Ukrainian forces with “better” night vision, a prominent Russian milliner said.

Zaporozhye regional occupation official Vladimir Rokov said nighttime attacks allow Ukrainian forces to more effectively use Western-supplied equipment.

Ukrainian forces have launched or intensified nighttime attacks in recent days, and Ukrainian forces may increasingly take advantage of the advantages offered by Western organizations.

Ukrainian forces launched counteroffensive operations in at least four areas along the front on June 10

Russian sources have reported Ukrainian operations in the Luhansk region near the city of Bilohoryvka.

Colonel Serhii Sherevaty, a spokesman for the Ukrainian Eastern Command, said Ukrainian troops had advanced up to 1,400 meters in unspecified areas along the Bahmut front, while Russian snipers had advanced to the northwest and northeast of Ukrainian troops through Bahmut.

The Russian Defense Ministry and other Russian sources said Ukrainian troops carried out localized attacks along the border between the Donetsk and Zaporizhia regions, particularly in the Velika Novosilka region.

Geolocated images indicate that Ukrainian forces in the Western Zaporizhia region made local gains during counterattacks southwest and southeast of Orihiv, and Russian millblockers continue to say that Russian forces in the region are successfully defending against attempts by Ukrainian troops to advance.

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