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Sundar Pichai, president of Google and its parent company Alphabet, told employees to “be more entrepreneurial” and work with “more hunger” in an employee-wide email warning against consolidation, many of news outlets mentioned.

Citing the “uncertain global economic outlook,” the CEO said Google will slow the pace of hiring for the second half of 2022. Google brought in a whopping 10,000 workers during the second quarter, per Pichai. Google’s chief of staff went on to say the company would integrate “where investments overlap” and streamline its operations. Effectively, Google invites its employees to Work hard, otherwise.

Own technology companies of all shapes and sizes laid-off workers In the face of the loom Recession. It includes The GoogleAnd the MicrosoftAnd the Tesla and other giant companies, as well as relatively smaller companies such as birdAnd the Rivian And the Queen Piece. Pichai’s note did not mention layoffs, but phrases like “simplification” and “merging” tend to evoke such things.

For its part, Alphabet did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the memo. that it first quarter net profit fainting 8% on an annual basis to $16.44 billion. The company will announce its second-quarter earnings on July 26.

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