“You have a future here” – Deadline

Sarah Beth Libby gets support Whoopi Goldberg And the view Co-hosts having made the decision to withdraw American Idol to return home to her children.

“People have to make decisions and you made the right one for you,” Goldberg said on the ABC talk show. “With that sound, it won’t be your only time and you’re young enough to go back and do it again.”

Goldberg added that she respects Libby for making the decision and going with her heart. The 25-year-old was shocked by the singing American Idol judges when she announced she was quitting the show to return with her three children, ages 2 and 7.

Joy Behar gushes that after announcing her exit, Libby got “so much exposure” and it was so good she wanted to get back to her kids.

In her exit interview, Libby said she might regret not taking the chance and leaving the competition. Goldberg stated that people can only regret because they feel shame about their decisions from the past.

Sometimes the decision to take advantage of the opportunity was the right decision [but] You feel bad because other people say to you, “Oh, that’s what you did?” Goldberg added. “I think you know in your soul what’s right for you and I love her saying, ‘I have to go home with my kids,’ which is wonderful.”

Sunny Hostin said she “hated discussing work-life balance” because she doesn’t hear men having the same internal discussion.

“There is no shadow of a lot of men,” said the former attorney general, “because I am sure there are men who have had to make these decisions, but I feel that is the guilt with women.” “There is no balance, you set priorities in your life and you make choices — Some are right choices, some are wrong choices. I gave up chances so I could go see a track meet—it worked for me, but it might not for someone else. Why are we as women always told we have to make everything work.”

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Goldberg ended the discussion by validating Libby’s saying that “she does what she wants to do” and “she’d probably be happiest until she says, ‘I have the time now and now, that’s what I’m going to do. ‘” “

“I look forward to seeing you in the future,” Goldberg concluded, “because I think you have a future here.”

Watch the discussion in the video below.

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