Young actor Anthony Starr arrested for assault in Spain – Deadline

Anthony Starwho plays Homelander on Amazon’s superhero series boysHe allegedly assaulted a man while on a site in Alicante, Spain. according to Spanish newspaper El País, the actor got into a bar fight at 2 a.m. on Wednesday and was later arrested. He spent the night in prison.

Star in Alicante shooting Action and thriller film directed by Guy Ritchie Co-starring Jake Gyllenhaal.

The other man in the fight, a 21-year-old Venezuelan chef named Pathuel Araujo, It said He told police that Starr was “too drunk” and “hit and push” the others. Words, and then blows, were allegedly exchanged between the two, during which time Starr supposedly hit Araujo with a glass, causing a wound above the Venezuelan’s eye that later required four stitches.

Araujo, who told a local newspaper that he did not recognize the actor, asserts that after the initial quarrel, Starr said, “You don’t know who you messed with. You won’t know who I am and what I did.”

The two came to be beaten again outside before the police arrived and arrested Starr.

season 3 of boys It’s wrapped, so Starr’s legal issues won’t affect this show for now. Amazon has yet to pick up the fourth season of the series.

The Starr representative deadline has been reached and this story will be updated with any response.

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