YouTube adds widgets to the iPhone’s home screen

YouTube is Google’s latest app to add home screen widgets for iPhone and iPad with one of them in particular providing very convenient shortcuts.

Quick Actions measures 4 x 2 and is described as “the fastest way to search and browse YouTube.” There is a “YouTube Search” field at the top that immediately launches this UI with the keyboard open, while the microphone icon shows the voice search.

You then have Home, Short, and Subscriptions to instantly open those respective feeds. The outline style icons that appear in the bottom bar are used by this widget. The last shortcut is a perfect fit, while the middle one reflects YouTube’s massive focus on short video.

There is also a 2×2 “Search” widget that also has a black or white background (depending on the system theme) and only allows quick text input.

YouTube’s new home screen widgets for iPhone and iPad have been rolling out sometime in the past two weeks, and we’re watching it live with Version 17.40.5 today. As always, make sure you open the app first after an update before long-pressing your home screen and launching the widget picker from the top left corner.

The last major drop in iOS gadgets from Google was at the beginning of 2022 Gmail inboxiPad XL options Leadership and translation abbreviations. Meanwhile, the company earlier this week ended its rollout Six lock screen widgets.

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