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Famous historian Yuva Nova Harari writes in an editorial in The Guardian that Vladimir Putin has already lost the war. He says Ukraine has shown in recent days that it can not give the Kremlin leader long-term control.

According to Yuval Noah Harari, Vladimir Putin has won all the wars but is heading for historic defeat.

Yuval Nova Harari, about Vladimir Putin and the war he started

According to historians, Putin did not expect Ukraine’s strength and willingness to fight. Based on the fact that Russia has clearly risen militarily, but does not take into account the wishes of the Ukrainian people.

“It is increasingly clear that Putin’s bet is failing. The Ukrainian people oppose, and the whole world admires – they will win. War. Many dark days are coming. The Russians could still occupy the whole of Ukraine. But to win the war, the Russians must rule Ukraine, and they can only do so if the Ukrainians allow them to. The chances of this happening seem slim.

Every Russian tank destroyed and every Russian soldier increases the courage of the resistance of the Ukrainians. Every Ukrainian who is killed deepens the hatred of the Ukrainians towards the invaders. Hate is the worst of emotions. But for oppressed nations, hatred is a hidden treasure. It is deeply ingrained in the heart and will withstand opposition from generation to generation.

To restore the Russian Empire, Putin needs a relatively bloodless victory that will lead to a relatively hate-free occupation. By shedding more and more Ukrainian blood, Putin is making sure that his dream will never come true.

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It will not be the name of Mikhail Gorbachev, written on the death certificate of the Russian Empire: it will be Putin’s. Gorbachev allowed the Russians and Ukrainians to feel like brothers; Putin turned them into enemies, “the historian wrote.

Vladimir Putin’s health problems

Received Medical problem Because of this, Vladimir Putin has a “psycho-neurological nature”.

Professor Valerie Solovi, a political analyst who first spoke about the health problems of the Kremlin leader, says President Vladimir Putin is suffering from Parkinson’s neurosis.

However, this will not be so threatening to the life of the leader in Kiev, but “restricts public appearances only,” says the expert.

He also said at one point that he had undergone emergency cancer surgery for the Russian president.

Former British Foreign Secretary Lord Davis has told the Oven Times Radio that he suspects Putin may have taken steroids because of changes in the shape of his face.

“Look at his face, how it has changed. He has an oval face now. I do not think it’s a plastic surgery as people say. Either he used steroids as a bodybuilder and he’s very proud of his muscles, or he used corticosteroids.

When you use this medication, you will end up with this face. They lower the immune system and make you more susceptible to goiter. This man is completely isolated, he does not see anyone, he is miles away from everyone.

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