Zelensky: Ukrainian soldiers gave their lives to stop Russian aggression. The world owes them a moral obligation

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Photo: Profimedia Images

“Every day, Ukrainian heroes give their lives to stop Russian aggression. That’s why the world has a clear moral obligation to our soldiers,” President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said in his message Friday evening. He says holding Russia responsible for the aggression against Ukraine was discussed during the meetings in Lviv.

“Every day, Ukrainian heroes give their lives to stop Russian aggression. That’s why the world has a clear moral duty to our soldiers, to all those who are currently fighting and defending freedom. That duty is to restore justice and bring the terrorist state and its leadership to justice. And it will be. The Ukrainian people stand for their freedom. “I thank all of Ukraine’s partners – every leader, every politician, every public figure of the assisting states – for understanding the price they pay for the freedom of all Europeans,” Zelensky said on Friday evening.

Zelenskiy said that the United Conference on Justice took place in Lviv, which was attended by representatives of the countries of the European Union, European institutions, including the European Commissioner for Justice, but also from Great Britain and the United States. They discussed holding Russia accountable for its aggression against Ukraine.

“The main theme at all these meetings and at the Lviv conference is accountability. Holding Russia and its leadership accountable is personal! for aggression and terrorism against the state and our people. When they are held accountable, justice will be served. We are gathering as much support as possible for a tribunal for Russian aggression against Ukraine. I. “We are doing everything to ensure that the International Criminal Court succeeds in punishing Russian war criminals. Our national law enforcement and judicial institutions ensure fair punishment for all Russian criminals and executioners,” Zelensky said.

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