Zhelensky, appeal to the Ukrainians: tonight will be so hard, we must resist! Can’t lose capital!

From Friday night to Saturday Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky sent a new message to the Ukrainians. He said new attacks would take place at night. “We must resist,” was his message.

“This is a very difficult night. The enemy force will come. At night they will attack. We must not give capital! Tonight we must resist!” He said.

“We must resist on all fronts where our enemies try to enter hard and hard. The enemy will use all his strength to break our defenses at all points. There are casualties in our country and there are hundreds of casualties among the residents,” Zelenski added.

He added, “There will be attacks on our people in Kinhiv, Kharkov, Donbas, especially in Kiev.”

“All our prayers and thoughts go to our soldiers. Part of the country is particularly under attack. I urge the public to go to shelters,” Zhelensky said.

“Those who are already involved in the defense of the country or who can help in the defense, stop the enemy wherever you can. Destroy the special signs left by the saboteurs on the roads and houses. Burn the enemy equipment with all you can. If even the kindergarten is an acceptable target for the invaders, they should have no chance,” Zhelensky said.

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