12 days after their wedding, a young man in Indonesia discovers that his wife actually has a hidden agenda.

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12 days after the wedding, a young man from Indonesia found out that his wife was actually a man Photo: La Vanguardia

An Indonesian man was shocked when he discovered that his wife of just 12 days of marriage had actually disappeared after pretending to be a woman, planning to extort as much money as possible from him.

Indonesian newspaper, quoted La Vanguardia, discusses at length the strange case of a 26-year-old man who went to the police after learning that a woman he had been married to for 12 days had turned into a man. The two met online, and after communicating only online for a while, decided to meet face-to-face.

AK admitted that he fell in love at first sight with his future wife, so the marriage plan was quickly made. In retrospect, the man realized that his fiancée was behaving strangely, but he never doubted for a moment that it was a man.

The “girl,” who introduced herself as Adinda Kanza Aszahra, was always trying to cover her face with an Islamic veil, and he thought she was shy. Adinda accepted without reservation, but said she only wanted a religious ceremony, not a legal one, because her mother was dead and she knew nothing about her father, so they might have difficulties with the documents. Besides, he has no relatives or friends to invite to the wedding.

So the two lovers decided to have a small ceremony presided over by the religious head of Wangunjaya village, where AK was born and lived, and the bride’s dowry was fixed at only 5 grams of gold. But even after the marriage, Adinda hid her face, refused to socialize with her family and friends, and kept postponing the marriage night after night citing various reasons.

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At this point, AK started talking to his family, who immediately suspected something was wrong. Relatives began to search for information about the “bride” and very quickly found the father, who lived in a nearby town. This is how it was discovered that Adinda was a man.

Although AK was deeply embarrassed by the situation he found himself in, he decided to go to the police.

Adinda, formally identified by the initials ESH, was taken to the station and confessed that she had hatched a plan to get as much money as possible from her “husband” before disappearing. “Each time ESH asked for money, they received it. The accused is now charged under Section 378 of the Penal Code and will be jailed for four years.” A police spokesman told Indonesian media.

Bribka Ridwan Taufik, head of Naringul Police’s Criminal Investigation Division, told Indonesian media that ESH had a feminine appearance when wearing make-up and could easily pass as a woman. “From the wedding photos you can see he looks like a girl and his voice is soft like a girl”he said.

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